15 House Rules That Will Make You Question Your Friend’s Sanity

We all have our house rules that we abide by. But have you ever visited someone and been shocked by their house rules? You aren't alone. In an online discussion, people shared the bizarre house rules they've encountered.

1. Eat Before You Leave The House

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One man shared that whenever he went to a friend's house, the rule was that he had to eat before he left home. He was told that he couldn't eat while there, not during dinnertime or breakfast, and would have to sit in the living room or his friend's bedroom and wait for them to finish eating.

2. No Slamming Doors

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It's so important to teach kids to respect their home and property, but sometimes, this can go a bit too far. Someone shared that as a child, they were told not to slam doors. However, their dad went further and had them kiss the door if they slammed it. 

3. No Trash in the Bathroom Bin

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Most of us have a trash can in our bathrooms for convenience. However, one person shared that their friend's mom wouldn't allow any trash to be put in the bathroom trash can. Apparently, the trash can was just there for show, and any bathroom waste had to be flushed down the toilet. 

4. No Passing Gas in the House

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We all pass gas; it's completely natural, but one person shared that their friend's house has a strange rule around passing gas. The family rule was that if you needed to pass gas, you had to go outside and all the way to the mailbox to do it. 

5. Assigned Seats in the Living Room

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One woman shared that when she visited a college friend over the summer and stayed the night, she encountered a bizarre house rule. She went into the living room to talk to her friend and saw four recliners, no couch or other chairs. Her friend sat in one chair and informed her that the remaining chairs belonged to her father, mom, and brother. She ended up sitting on the floor.

6. No Talking During Dinner

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Dinnertime rules are actually common among families. Someone shared that while visiting a friend's house, they were met with a strict ‘no talking during dinner' policy. The rule wasn't created for any traditional reason but because their elderly grandmother believed that a mischievous spirit living in the dining room would learn secrets and cause chaos. 

7. Guests Eat Last 

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Typically, people treat their guests with kindness and respect. But someone shared that while visiting an aunt's house, their aunt's ex-husband would make them sit and wait while everyone else ate before they were served their food. 

8. Children Aren't Allowed on the Furniture

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Someone shared that after visiting a classmate, they found out a strange rule they had to deal with: no children on the furniture. Not even on their own beds! All the children, including the guests, had to sit on the floor.

9. Concentrate on Digestion

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People often make strange dinnertime rules for themselves and their families. Still, it's even more bizarre when they impose those rules on their guests. Someone shared that one strange rule they encountered was at a dinner party where the hosts declared a period of silence after the meal to “concentrate on digestion.” 

10. No Drinks During Dinner

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One man shared that this rule was particularly confusing to him. He shared that he attended a dinner party where the rule was that you couldn't get a drink halfway through a meal. You either had to get one before you received your meal or wait until you were done. 

11. No Radio Waves After Dark

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Someone shared that the most extreme rule they heard was the “no radio waves after dark” policy at their relative's house. After sunset, the WiFi, phones, and even the microwave were shut down to prevent radio waves from interfering with sleep. After one night, they felt like they'd traveled back in time.

12. No Leaving the Table During Meals

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In many families, leaving the table during meals was discouraged, but as long as you politely excused yourself, no one would mind. But according to one woman, her friend's parents had a strict “no leaving the table during meals” rule. This rule included getting water, using the restroom, or if you had to sneeze/blow your nose.

13. No Shorts or Tank Tops Allowed

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For some families, modesty is very important. One woman shared that she had a friend in middle school whose parents wouldn't allow shorts or tank tops, even for pajamas. When she brought shorts and a T-shirt to a sleepover, her friend's mother got upset and gave her a pair of sweatpants instead.

14. No Magic

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Someone claimed that their family banned any books, television shows, or movies that contained magic, including Harry Potter. This rule extended beyond just watching or reading about magic but also talking about them as well.

15. No Eating in The Dining Room

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Someone shared that there was a woman who had a “no eating in the dining room” rule. She kept her dining room table set with all her china and crystal at all times but never actually ate there. Instead, her family ate on TV trays in the den. 

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