15 Things That Really Aren’t As Impressive As People Think They Are

Have you ever noticed something that other people think is really impressive but you think has completely missed the mark? In an online discussion, people were asked to share the things that really aren't as impressive as most people think they are; the following are the top fifteen responses. 

1. Overworking Yourself

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We often glorify working long hours and sacrificing our personal lives for a successful career. But, a healthy work-life balance should be what's most important. One man shared, “Working yourself to the point of having no time for yourself. Work ethic is good, strong work ethic is great, but living to work is not great.” 

2. Showing Off Expensive Clothes

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People imagine that showing off their expensive clothes is impressive. But wearing designer doesn't automatically make you cooler or more successful. Someone commented, “Boasting about how much something they're wearing costs even though you know they can't afford it.” 

3. Lack of Sleep 

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Lack of sleep is something a lot of people tend to boast about. Many think that it's a sign that you're hardworking or successful. But, sleep deprivation can lead to several adverse health issues. One woman said, “Your lack of sleep. You're doing significant damage to your brain and self.”

4. Being Brutally Honest

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There's a fine line between being brutally honest and being rude. A lot of people describe themselves as blunt or brutally honest, but they're actually just being hurtful and need some tact. Someone said, “Being proud about being “brutally honest” when they're just rude.”

5. Being an Alpha Male

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In recent years, many men have started believing that being an alpha male is an ideal they should aspire to become. But a lot of the alpha male beliefs are outdated. One man remarked, “Declaring yourself an alpha male. I guess that means something in your little subculture, but to the rest of us, that's just head-scratchingly silly.” 

6. Boasting About Being Uneducated

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with not having gone to university. But that doesn't mean that people who choose another path in life have made the wrong choice or that you need to prove yourself. One man said, “Being proud about being uneducated. Bragging about having never read a book. I have no problem with someone who isn't educated. But if you're flexing about it, you're unimpressive.” 

7. Being Not Like Everyone Else 

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Everyone wants to be considered unique or special. But while being unique and standing out is great, being part of a larger community with the same views is also just as valid. One man shared, “Not doing something. Like not watching a popular show, not drinking coffee, etc., the amount of people who say these things as if they want a medal for it is astounding.”

8. Being an Absent Father

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Parenthood is a big responsibility. Fathers who boast of never changing their kid's diaper or the like might think it's funny or impressive, but it just shows their lack of interest in their baby. Someone said, “Men bragging that they've never changed one of their kids' diapers in their lifetime. Basically, you've just outed yourself as a bad, uninvolved parent and a terrible partner.” 

9. Perfect Attendance in School

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For some reason, many schools have led us to believe that having perfect attendance is something to envy. But the truth is, for some kids, it isn't possible, and that's completely okay. One man said, “As an adult, as I've noticed kids with stuff like health issues, family issues, etc., where they have no choice but to miss school, I've come to realize that perfect attendance isn't a flex. It's just having luck in life circumstances.” 

10. Having a Packed Calendar 

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The hustle culture of today's world has created a society that believes having a packed calendar is desirable. But there is nothing impressive about a lack of work-life balance. One man shared, “Having a work calendar booked wall-to-wall with meetings. It's usually an executive or upper management type. Being on calls all day is not good for you or the company. If you're in charge, you can decide which meetings are worth attending.” 

11. Not Taking Sick Days

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Coming to work, regardless of whether or not you're sick, is a mentality that many people share. Some people would rather arrive at work unwell and do as much as they can before they're sent home by their employer rather than take a sick day. But the only way to truly be a productive employee is to function at your full capacity. One man said, “Never call in sick for work. Stay home if you're sick.” 

12. Expensive Car Loans

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Having an expensive car might make some people feel more desirable or cool. But taking on a large debt to impress others isn't a financially responsible thing to do. One man shared, “A car with a monthly payment equivalent to your rent that you can barely afford.” 

13. Classes With a Low Pass Rate

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Some educators might think teaching a class with a notoriously low pass rate is impressive. However, if your students are struggling to pass your course, it might be time for you to reevaluate your teaching methods. One woman said, “Any class that brags how low the percentage pass rate is, ‘Only 15% of this class gets a passing grade,' okay then you're teaching it wrong, or it's bad material, or you’re testing incorrectly. Do better.”

14. Getting Too Personal On Social Media

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Some people use their social media to keep their family members updated on what's going on in their lives. However, at the end of the day, social media is open to the general public. So, it's important not to overshare. One man said, “Oversharing the honeymoon phase of a relationship on social media.” 

15. Boasting Having Children

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Being child-free is a choice many people have made, but some don't have a choice in that matter. You never know someone's reason for being child-free, so don't brag or boast about having children to someone who doesn't. One woman said, “But trying to brag to me, someone who doesn't want kids, about the fact that you have several just kinda misses the mark.”


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