10 Hauntingly Inaccessible Places That Send Shivers

Everyone has that one place they never want to return to. Maybe it was a traumatic experience or just left a bad taste in your mouth. While scrolling through an online discussion, people shared places they never wanted to return to. Here are places people never want to go back to. 

1. Las Vegas

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While some people would be excited about a trip to Las Vegas, for others, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and for good reason. “Gotta say it. Las Vegas. Just the most depressing place in America. Not in a Gary, Indiana, kind of way, but in it's just filled to the rim with really gross people.” an anonymous person said. “Agree. It's like there is nothing real there. Nothing at all,” agree another. 

2. Jail

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This one is pretty self-explanatory. No one wants to end up behind bars, let alone return to them. “Jail – 60 years ago, I was arrested for Violation of Prohibition law (minor in possession of alcohol). It was NOT a pleasant experience or a place I would want to revisit,” he said. 

3. In-Laws House 

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While some people have great relationships with their in-laws, others find visiting their house to be a stressful experience. Not everyone has a great relationship with their in-laws. “My wife's parents,” a husband responded. “I always felt like a caged animal when visiting the in-laws,” stated another husband. 

4. Morocco 

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“We were warned not to answer the door of our 5-star hotel room after 7 pm unless we knew the person because of girls/ women being taken for white slavery by the hotel staff. At 9:00 on the dot, the knocking began, ‘Pretty American girls, come out for drinks.' We called the desk, and they were removed,” a lady shared her story. When traveling, it can be fun, but you have to be cautious. 

5. Middle School 

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“Middle school,” she simply said. Let's face it; middle school was awkward for everyone. If it leaves you with painful memories, you never want to revisit a place like that. “Burn my middle school yearbooks too, please,” another added.

6. Gary, IN 

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This city has a reputation for being run-down and dangerous. While some people call it home, others would rather not go back. “I grew up there. Wouldn't recommend it,” one user commented. 

7. Canadian Airports 

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While Canada may be lovely, its airports are known for their long lines and strict security measures. “Any Canadian airport, just going through customs can take a whole day,” stated one user. “As someone pulled aside for extra security and customs screenings at the Vancouver airport, I can confirm,” a traveler said. 

8. Chemotherapy Suite

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“The chemotherapy suite of my local hospital. Two years of cancer free, and I want to STAY that way,” an individual stated. No one likes to be diagnosed with cancer. Let alone go through all the treatment and procedures. 

9. Psychiatric Hospital 

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“Any psychiatric hospital,” a patient said. While these facilities are meant to help people with mental health issues, the experience can be traumatic and unsettling for many. If you go often due to your mental health, it can get to you. 

10. Burger King

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“It's going to sound weird, but Burger King. I grew up in an abusive household. Every time we went, we got food poisoning. Seriously, going to Burger King causes me panic attacks, and I will break down crying,” an anonymous said. Having a place that traumatizes you is not something you ever want to see or visit. 

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