17 Things That Are Much More Expensive Than Assumed!

Have you ever been blindsided by an expense that was much more expensive than you anticipated? People shared some of their experiences with unexpected expenses in an online discussion. In this blog post, we'll highlight the top seventeen.

1. Rugs

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Rugs seem like a simple household item that should be relatively inexpensive, right? Wrong. One man shared that getting his own apartment was a massive shock because of how expensive rugs can be. It's not just the cost of the carpet itself but also any cleaning and upkeep that may be required.

2. Dental Work

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Despite the importance of keeping teeth healthy, most health insurance doesn't cover dental work or only covers a small portion. One woman shared that she was surprised to find out that dental work wasn't covered under preventative care. So, if you're planning on getting any dental work done, double-check whether you have to pay out of pocket.

3. Car Repairs

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The cost of car repairs can quickly add up. In addition to the cost of major repairs, routine maintenance, and preventative care can be really expensive. One man shared that he was surprised by how much it costs to keep his car in good condition.

4. Landscaping

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If you're a homeowner, you might be familiar with the high landscaping cost. One woman shared that getting quotes for landscaping was a huge surprise to her because of how expensive it can be. On top of the cost of the plants and materials, there's also the cost of labor and maintenance.

5. Having a Chronic Illness

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Having a chronic illness can be a lot more expensive than you expect. The constant doctor visits, surgeries, prescriptions, medical equipment, therapy, and any other associated bills can add up to thousands of dollars per year. The indirect costs of a chronic illness, like lost wages and reduced productivity, can cause a financial strain. 

6. Groceries

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Even something as common as groceries can be surprisingly expensive. One man shared that he was shocked by how high the prices have risen on everything. And during this post-pandemic era, prices have gone up even more.

7. Housing

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The costs of home ownership, maintenance, taxes, insurance, and upkeep are far from trivial, yet no one talks about them at all. It's not just the cost of buying a home but also the ongoing costs of maintaining it that becomes very expensive to upkeep.

8. Furniture

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Even furniture can be surprisingly expensive. One woman asked why couches cost over $2,000, only to be told that $2,000 sofas are actually considered inexpensive furniture these days. 

9. End of Life Expenses

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One man mentioned that he was surprised by how expensive end-of-life expenses were. The cost of medical bills, cemetery plots, and burials are astronomical. He even found that printing the obituary was more costly than expected. 

10. Gardening

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People who enjoy gardening are surprised at how expensive it can be. The costs of gardening tools, seeds, and other supplies can quickly add up. One person said they spent $400 to grow some green onions and tomatoes.

11. Childcare

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Many parents are shocked at how expensive childcare can be. One man shared that he thought he was prepared to be a parent, but the costs were still shocking. From daycare to babysitters, the costs can add up quickly.

12. Gas

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With gas prices constantly fluctuating, fuel is another more expensive expense than most anticipated. One man shared that he was surprised to be paying over $30 a week for gas. 

13. Garbage Cans

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You might not think a garbage can would be expensive, but one woman pointed out how expensive it is. She mentioned that a standard garbage bin for the kitchen costs $50!

14. Wedding Catering

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Weddings are typically expensive, but one woman shared a particularly shocking wedding expense: the catering. She mentioned how a buffet-style waffle bar for eighty people was $10,000. 

15. College Tuition

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College is important, but the tuition is definitely a major expense for most people. One man mentioned that young people don't fully understand how much college tuition costs when they're 17 or 18 years old, but they sign the papers anyway. They then have student loans that will follow them forever. 

16. Divorce

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Divorce can be a financially devastating experience, leaving both people struggling to make ends meet. Even after handing over the house and car, one man shared that he still had to pay alimony and child support despite sharing custody of his child. 

17. Pets

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Many pet owners shared that the cost of owning a pet was much more than expected. One woman said that it's not just the cost of food and basic supplies; vet bills, grooming, and other expenses can quickly add up. And if the pet has an accident, the cost of emergency medical services can be really expensive.


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