10 Lies People Tell Too Often

Surviving modern life offers a bombardment of messages: commercials telling us we need their products, politicians providing us peace of mind, and charities pleading for our contributions. 

Studies show that we may face up to 10,000 messages or signs daily, so it can take a lifetime to strengthen one's critical perception. Sadly, the skill of knowing whether someone is lying is declining, though our ability to review what was said has never been stronger. 

After an Internet user asked, “What is a lie you've realized people tell?” the web responded, and it appears many of us are fed-up with mistruths. If you hear this question, how do you respond? First, let's see if the Internet agrees. 

1. Your Call to Us Is Important

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“Your call is important to us,” says the recording. “Please stay on the line, and a representative will speak with you shortly.” These words are designed to alleviate a baying customer. All they do is twist the knife of impatience further, especially when they play flowery muzak and use a faux-sympathetic tone. Bah!

2. We're A Family

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Nothing at work is more passive-aggressive than “We're a family,” which is usually a veiled threat to conform to company policy or a desperate management attempt to build team morale. Either way, some readers consider this a “major red flag.”

3. I Am Five Minutes Away

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Reading this quote, many husbands — and wives — nod their heads in tight-lipped acknowledgment. In Spain, this could mean anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes — knowledge shared by the waiting and arriving parties. We all know, however, that “I am five minutes away” never means five minutes. 

4. The Screen Froze

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“The screen froze” is a common lie that computer repair technicians deal with daily. Judging from their input to this discourse, they say it roughly translates as: “I dropped or threw my device, but my insurance won't cover that.” Yep, that sounds about right. 

5. Let Me Check My Calendar

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The non-refusal lie is still going strong, according to the online community. I often feel sorry for young adults who are dating. Boys (and girls) must fight constant rejection through ghosting, catfishing, and “Let me check my calendar,” which means no, thank you. 

6. Let's Get Together Soon

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“Let's get together soon,” says your friend, but there is nothing more irritating than insincerity or a lack of commitment. One commenter says they went overboard with a response: telling their frenemy to meet at a particular place and then ghosting them forever. Overreact much? 

7. I'm Looking for Friends

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Tinder users nod in agreement when they hear beef with the sentence “I'm looking for friends.” It usually proceeds an interaction where the other party on the date decides they are not looking for intimacy — and generally after the bill is paid!

8. I'm Sorry

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My father raised me to believe these two words only mean anything if the indiscretion is never repeated. I still live by this mantra, though the online discussion is packed with responses. There is a spectrum to “I'm sorry.” At one end, we have “I'm sorry; I don't care,” while at the other, it is a genuine apology. 

9. I Can't Stand Drama

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This comment gets likes because we have all met that person. More often than not, the one who stirs up the most conflict that enjoys it most. “I can't stand drama” is best filed alongside: “I'm not racist…but” and “Be kind.”

10. I'm Fine

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Husbands, fiancés, and boyfriends have heard this from their other half countless times, though it takes a long relationship to understand it means the opposite. “I'm fine” translates into the non-relationship territory, too. Unfortunately, for some people, it is a way not to say, “I am not okay.” 

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