The Lingering Impact of the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted the world as we know it. The virus has affected all aspects of our lives, and while some areas have started to recover from the shutdowns, some areas still have not fully bounced back. Here are the top 10 places that still need to recover from the Covid-19 shutdown.

1. University Libraries

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“24/7 library hours at my university,” one student commented. While some universities have reopened their libraries, many are only open for limited hours. This has made it difficult for students to access the resources they need for their studies.

2. Doctor Appointment Availability

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With many doctors' offices closed or operating at reduced capacity, it can be challenging to get an appointment when needed. “I had to make an appointment for the children's ER. So backward,” a mother wrote.

3. Working Hours

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Many people have experienced a reduction in their working hours due to the pandemic. “Hours of some places were reduced, and they never went back to their old hours, and a couple of restaurants closed their dining room and went to takeout only, and they've stayed that way,” someone remarked.

4. Used Car Prices

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The pandemic has also caused a shortage of new cars, which has led to an increase in the price of used cars. “Used car prices.. insane how expensive vehicles are nowadays,” one man stated.

5. Grocery Prices

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With supply chain disruptions and increased demand for certain items, the cost of groceries has increased for many consumers. “Price of groceries and pretty much everything else,” added one man.

6. Fast Food Restaurant Menus

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“All day breakfast at McDonalds,” one young woman stated. Fast food restaurants have also been impacted by the pandemic, with many restaurants reducing their menus. This has made it challenging for some people to access the food they want.

7. Housing Market

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While some areas have seen an increase in demand for housing, others have experienced a decrease. This has led to fluctuations in housing prices in different areas. “The housing market is a disaster still,” one man commented.

8. 24-Hour Supermarket

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“24-hour Walmart,” an anonymous person remarked. The pandemic has affected the availability of some 24-hour supermarkets. With many supermarkets reducing their hours of operation, it can be challenging for people who work odd hours to find a store that is open when they need it.

9. Teaching

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“Teaching. The students are worse. They are 1-2 years behind with both knowledge and socialization. Attention spans are shorter. Phones are a major problem,” one woman commented. Although online learning had its benefits, many children suffered during the pandemic and have not yet recovered.

10. Staffing for Healthcare Workers

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The pandemic has highlighted the need for more staffing in the healthcare industry. Medical workers still haven't recovered from the pandemic workload as their numbers dwindle. “Staffing of healthcare workers. We need more nurses. I am Burnt out,” one woman wrote.

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