15 Expensive Things People Buy That Are Smart Investments

A high price doesn’t always mean high quality, but for a few expensive items, splurging on the real deal is worth every penny. Financial experts everywhere will advise you to budget and opt for the cheaper items whenever you can. But there are a few products that you can’t replace with a more affordable alternative. The following are fifteen expensive things that are actually an investment.

1. Skin Care

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Skincare products are something you can’t afford to be cheap about. While dupes and drugstore products sometimes work, it’s always better to invest in a higher-end product you can have confidence in. Find the products that work best for your skin and stick with them. In the long run, this will save you from trying several drugstore brands that may or may not work and reduce the likelihood of skin issues.

2. Meal Kits

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Meal kits have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and for good reason. People who don’t know how to cook or don’t like cooking deserve healthy home-cooked meals. While the price of meal delivery kits can be pricey, you won’t regret spending money on high-quality, organic food. 

3. Smartwatch 

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Many people don’t understand the capabilities of a high-end smartwatch. A smartwatch can track your water intake, sleep, and heart rate. It can also provide reminders, keep you up-to-date on messages and emails, and receive phone calls. The cheaper alternatives may offer some of these features but are often inaccurate and unreliable. 

4. Insulated Coffee Mug

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Whether you’re a coffee drinker or prefer tea, an insulated mug is a smart purchase for anyone who chooses to take their drink on the go. Like any other item, there are several cheap brands of insulated mugs on the market, but they pale in comparison to the higher-end mugs that can keep your drink hot for several hours. If you take your morning coffee to work or just like to keep your drink warm while you go through your morning, you can’t go wrong by investing in a quality insulated mug.

5. Expensive Clothing

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With fast fashion brands dominating the clothing industry, it’s typical that more affordable clothes only last a few months to a year before they fall apart. While many financial experts caution against splurging on brand-name clothing, higher-end clothes and shoes are often made with better-quality materials and are made to last much longer than the cheaper alternatives. 

6. Online Courses 

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The best investment you can make is in yourself. Online courses have made it so that you can learn about something new, master the things you’re passionate about, or refresh skills you haven’t used in a long time, all from the comfort of your home. A lot of online courses are priced at a substantial cost, but they’re one of the most sensible items worth investing in, especially if they’ll teach you how to make more money.

7. Sunglasses 

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Eyes are so sensitive that any product made to protect them should be considered an investment. A pair of higher-end sunglasses is a one-time purchase that will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays for several years. A cheaper pair will likely last for a few weeks or months and need to be replaced. If you wear prescription glasses, a pair of prescription sunglasses is an investment you should look into. 

8. Dental Care

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Dental care is expensive, but having beautiful, healthy teeth is worth it. Braces, Invisalign, and whitening procedures are costly forms of cosmetic dentistry that will improve the appearance of your smile over time. While many people go through life never having seen themselves with straight, white teeth, the cost of having a smile you’re confident about is priceless.

9. Headphones 

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Once you’ve experienced the sound quality of a higher-end pair of headphones, you’ll realize why they’re worth the cost. So many different headphones and earbuds are on the market at vastly different price points, but an expensive pair of headphones should be considered an investment. They’re more durable, have better sound quality, and have fewer connectivity issues than their cheaper alternatives. 

10. Mental Health Services

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Many people shy away from therapy because they’re under the impression that it’s too expensive or not worth the price tag. However, investing in your mental health is worth it, no matter how costly. Mental health services available online and in-person benefit everyone, even if you might not think you have something to work through. 

11. Comfortable Slippers 

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The shoes you wear while lounging at home are just as important as those you wear while out and about. A quality pair of slippers will keep your feet warm on cooler days, provide arch support, reduce aches and pains, and prevent long-term damage caused by ill-fitting footwear. Never underestimate the importance of a high-quality pair of slippers. 

12. Bedding 

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So many factors affect your sleep hygiene, including your sheets. That’s right, your bedding can affect how well you sleep. The fabric, thread count, breathability, and brand all impact how your body will react to your bedding and determine whether or not you’ll have a good night’s rest. Always opt for quality sheets made from natural, breathable fibers. 

13. Winter Coat 

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For many areas in the US, an insulated jacket is necessary during winter. While purchasing a department store brand jacket could last you one winter season, it would be no surprise if you found yourself searching for a new one the following year. Many of the cheaper coats require you to wear several layers underneath to keep warm. A high-quality winter coat is made from more expensive materials, has excellent insulation, provides flattering and slimming silhouettes, and will last several years.

14. Cleaning Service

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Many people need help to keep up with household chores and cleaning but refuse to spend a few extra dollars to invest in a cleaning service. While some of these services can be expensive, they might be your best option, depending on your lifestyle. If you work long hours or have a demanding job that leaves you too exhausted to come home and do chores, hiring a cleaning service is more than an expense; it’s an investment. 

15. Experiences

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Material items can depreciate over time, but experiences create memories that will last forever. People often overlook the importance of investing in experiences. However, they have the power to broaden perspectives, contribute to personal growth, and enrich lives. It’s through experiences that you become the person that you are, and that’s priceless. 


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