9 Beauty Standards That Need a Makeover

When it comes to beauty, there are countless trends that we are pressured into. Beauty can mean different things to many people. But have you ever stopped to consider which beauty standards you find unattractive? Here are the top 10 beauty trends that some people consider overrated and unappealing.

1. Unnaturally White Veneers

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“Unnatural extreme white veneers. Many celebs get them even if they had overall nice teeth before,” commented one. There's nothing wrong with wanting a white smile, but it's gone too far when it looks like you have a mouth full of Chiclets. Overly white veneers can make teeth look fake and unnatural, drawing attention away from the rest of your features.

2. Airbrushed Photos

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Thanks to social media, it's become the norm to present a picture-perfect version of ourselves online. But when photos are so heavily edited that they're unrecognizable, it becomes unattractive. “Photos where the skin has been edited so heavily that it's lost all texture and character. People aren't plastic,” she said. 

3. Overlined Lips

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Overlining your lips can create an unnatural shape and draw attention away from the beauty of your natural lips. “When people do their lipstick way past their lip line to make them look bigger. It just looks weird, but you do you,” she said. 

4. Sharp Jawlines on Men

Sharp Jawlines on Men
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While a defined jawline can be attractive, having one that's too sharp can make a man look overly aggressive or even cartoonish. “A man's jawline can be too sharp. Like settle down, handsome Squidward,” joked an individual. 

5. Buccal Fat Removal

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Buccal fat removal is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat from the cheeks to create a more sculpted look. But when taken too far, it can create a hollow-cheeked appearance that looks anything but natural.

6. Cheek Filler

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“Filler in general, but especially in the cheekbones. I am genuinely confused why so many girls want to look like they're having an allergic reaction,” said one user. Cheek filler can be a great way to add volume and definition to the face, but when overdone, it can leave you with an unnatural look.

7. Overdrawn Eyebrows

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Full eyebrows are definitely in, but when they're drawn on with a heavy hand, they can look fake and distracting. “The current trend of thick, strong eyebrows on people who weren't born with eyebrows like that. Lily Collins, Brooke Shields, etc. – YES. Everyone else – NO,” commented one user. 

8. Orange Spray Tan

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A healthy glow can be attractive, but when it looks like you've been covered in orange paint, it's not a good look. It's important to choose a spray tan shade that complements your natural skin tone rather than trying to go several shades darker.

9. Thick Fake Eyelashes

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“Thick, fake eyelashes. Geeze!” one user said. Long, full lashes are definitely desirable, but when they're so thick that they look like caterpillars, it's gone too far. “You can feel them touching your eyebrows sometimes. I despise them; they're so uncomfortable,” added another commenter.

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