10 Strange and Unconventional Items in High Demand

Have you ever encountered something people seem obsessed with buying, but you don't understand why? Well, you're not alone. In an online discussion, people shared some interesting takes on things they wouldn't buy and don't understand why others do. The following are ten popular responses.

1. NFTs

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that recently gained a lot of attention. But why would someone want to spend millions of dollars on a digital asset that can be easily copied? “NFTs. I understand that someone might purchase one because they see it as an investment in something with increasing value. What I don't understand is why anyone thinks it would have value,” someone said 

2. Expensive Engagement Rings

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Spending a three-month salary on a piece of jewelry is mind-boggling to some people. “Engagement rings that cost like…as much as a popular car. If you are worried that she might say no if the ring isn't that expensive, she is not the one,” one person said.

3. Greens Powder

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“Greens powder. That stuff is so expensive and has the nutritional value of half a cup of spinach. I can get a whole bag of spinach at Aldi for $2, so why would I spend $40 on a tiny tub of powder that tastes disgusting,” one woman said. Although greens powder is marketed as a quick and easy way to get your daily dose of vegetables, many people argue that you can achieve the same result by simply eating a salad or adding some veggies to your diet.

4. Designer Clothing

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While it's understandable to want to invest in high-quality clothing that will last a long time, is it worth the exorbitant price tag? “Expensive designer clothing, as I find comfort and functionality more important than brand names,” someone said.

5. Extravagant Weddings and Birthday Parties

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“Weddings and extravagant first birthday parties,” one person said. The money spent on these events could be put towards more practical things, like a down payment on a house or saving for the future.

6. Diamonds

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Diamonds are another item that many people don't understand the hype around. While they are marketed as a symbol of love and devotion, the truth is that the diamond industry is rife with ethical concerns. “Diamonds. I never understood those,” someone said.

7. Expensive Coffee

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Although specialty coffee can be delicious, many people argue that you can achieve the same quality at home for a fraction of the cost. “Expensive coffee drinks from places like Starbucks. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I can make my own delicious coffee at home on the cheap,” one person said.

8. Expensive Trucks 

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“$70000+ trucks that you only drive to and from your office job,” one man said. It's hard to justify the cost of these trucks when a more affordable and practical car could do the job just as well. 

9. Bottled Water

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“Bottled water where tap water is perfectly fit to drink,” one woman said. While it's true that some areas have poor water quality, in many cases, bottled water is the same as if tap water had been packaged and sold at a higher price. 

10. Lottery Tickets

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Winning the lottery can be life-changing, but the odds of actually winning are incredibly low. “Lottery tickets. I get gambling is an addiction, but I just cannot relate,” one man said. 


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