10 Wallet-Draining Hobbies You Should Know About

We all have hobbies we love to indulge in our free time. However, some hobbies tend to be more pricey than others. In an online discussion thread, people were asked to share their most expensive hobbies. Here are some of the most popular responses.

1. Crafting

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Crafting is a popular hobby many people enjoy, but the cost of materials and time can add up. One woman shared, “Crafting, any kind, really. We have a saying, why should I buy something for $100 when I can spend 6 weeks of my life making it for $500?” 

2. Flying Airplanes

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Learning how to fly an airplane is an expensive hobby. One person shared, “Plane rental plus instructor fees equal about $250 an hour.” While it may be a thrilling experience, it is certainly not a cheap one.

3. Skiing

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“Skiing. If you ignore the cost of equipment, season passes, and travel, it's not too bad,” joked one man. But truthfully, the price of buying equipment and passes and travel quickly add up, making it an expensive hobby.

4. Cheese Making

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Cheese making is a hobby that requires a lot of time and financial investment. “Why to buy a reasonably-sized hunk of fancy cheese at the store when you can spend $100s on milk, a couple of grand on supplies and equipment, and months of your time on a slightly larger, but not as good tiny wheel of your own?” someone joked. 

5. Oil Painting

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Oil painting is another hobby that can be expensive. “I pay for a studio, and sometimes paint is $30 for a small tube. Same with brushes. I can easily spend a cool $200 on a couple of tubes of paint and a few paintbrushes once a month,” shared someone. While it's a beautiful art form, the cost of materials is high.

6. Woodworking

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“Woodworking. I just dropped $500 on lumber just like that. It will likely sit there for a year or so until I finish the other projects first,” shared one man. The cost of materials and tools for woodworking can add up quickly, making it an expensive hobby.

7. Ballet

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While ballet is a graceful and elegant hobby, it can also be expensive. “$100 per pair of pointe shoes replaced every month or two, and that's literally just shoes. Even at the recreational level, ballet is a costly art form,” shared one woman.

8. Historical Reenacting

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Historical reenacting is a hobby that includes wearing specific clothing that requires a financial investment. “I make and wear 18th-century clothes. Silk is $20 a yard, at minimum, and these dresses can have 15 yards in them when all the ruffles and ribbons are taken into account. Get yourself a really nice embroidered or brocaded silk, and you're looking at $100-200 dollars a yard,” shared one woman. 

9. Metalsmithing

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Metalsmithing is another hobby that can be expensive. “Metalsmithing is expensive if you're doing it for profit. It's ridiculous if you're doing it as a hobby, which I do. Tools, stones, metal,” someone shared. The cost of equipment and materials can make it an expensive pastime.

10. Gardening

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“My gardening habit has gotten out of control. I spend tens of thousands of dollars on plants every year,” shared someone. While gardening is a common hobby, plants, tools, and supplies can be expensive.

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