If Someone Does These 15 Things, They’re Probably Not As Wealthy As They Claim  

Have you ever met someone who says they're rich, but they don't seem to act the way a rich person should? In an online discussion, several people shared the things people do that make it obvious they aren't as rich as they claim; the following are the top fifteen. 

1. Talking About Wealth

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There's a saying, ‘Money talks, but wealth whispers,' which is true when separating the real wealthy people from the fake. The most common giveaway that someone isn't genuinely rich is when they talk too much about their wealth. According to one man, “A genius doesn't need to tell you they are smart. An athlete doesn't need to tell you they are fit. And a rich person shouldn't need to tell you they are wealthy.”

2. Spending on Luxury Items

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One woman said, “I feel like actual rich people don't spend money on flashy or luxury stuff as much.” While it's true wealthy people can afford to buy expensive things, it's not always the case that they do so. In fact, genuine rich people tend to invest their money wisely. 

3. Traveling with A Lot of Luggage

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If someone's constantly lugging around a lot of luggage while traveling, that may be a sign they're faking their wealth. One man commented that slightly wealthy people bring loads of luggage, while the ultra-rich bring a day bag because they have enough money to buy clothes when they get to their destination or already have clothes waiting for them.

4. Promoting a Get-Rich-Quick Course

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Anyone who's promoting a get-rich-quick course is a red flag. Genuine wealthy people tend to make money through hard work and wise investments. Someone said that a fake wealthy person would make advertisements for books or courses that claim will help you to get rich too.

5. Flashy Designer Clothes

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Genuinely wealthy people don't need to flaunt their money by wearing branded clothes. They typically opt for expensive, high-quality clothes that don't show off any brand name. Someone commented, “Designer clothes with massive brand names and icons are tailored to those who want to seem as if they can afford it.” 

6. Bragging on Social Media

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Someone said that anyone who posts about their wealth on social media by bragging or showing off a new purchase probably isn't as well off as they pretend to be. Real wealthy people enjoy living their lives privately and don't feel the need to constantly show off their lifestyle on social media.

7. Checking the Price Tags 

If someone claims to be wealthy but they know the price of simple everyday items, it could be an indication they aren't as rich as they seem. One person remarked that they might know the price of their yacht, jet, or helicopter, but they don't know the cost of necessities. They pay or have their people pay for them.

8. Having Debt to Afford Their Lifestyle 

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One man said, “Being in debt is not wealth; it's just spending other people's money you can't afford.” Some people who claim to be wealthy have to take out loans to sustain their lifestyle. However, many genuinely rich people would advise that you live below your means and only take out loans for investment purposes. 

9. Wearing Fake Watches

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If you notice someone wearing a fake luxury watch, it could be a sign that they're trying hard to prove that they're wealthy. Authentic luxury watches can be costly, so according to one man, fake watches are for people who want to look rich but aren't.

10. Not Having Wealthy Friends 

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If someone claims to be wealthy but doesn't seem to have any wealthy friends, this could indicate that they aren't as wealthy as they want you to believe. Someone remarked how wealthy people really do all know each other. According to them, It's a small society where they all attend the same schools, marry and do business together, live and vacation in the same places, and hire each other's kids. 

11. Don’t Have Interior Design Sensibility

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Truly wealthy people know how to incorporate bespoke interior decor into their homes. Their homes reflect their financial status with high-quality furnishings and decor. As one person remarked, people who buy lots of expensive things like massive TVs and fancy furniture but don't have bespoke interiors aren't as wealthy as they claim.

12. Act Overly Impressed with Money

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If someone seems overly impressed with money, this could be a sign that they are not as wealthy as they claim. Rich people are concerned with what's in their bank account, not everyone else's. As one woman said, “Being impressed with money means you don't have it.”

13. Complain About Tax Accountant Fees

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One man shared that from his experience, really wealthy people are happy to pay their accounting fees and often more focused on how much money they saved in taxes. The rich are willing to pay for the services they want without complaint.

14. Treat Service Workers Poorly

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One woman remarked that many wealthy people try to be friendly and polite. On the other hand, fake wealthy people treat service workers poorly. Someone truly wealthy will typically have a sense of humility and respect for those in service positions. 

15. Taking Pictures with Their Money

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Anyone who's constantly taking pictures with their money and posting them on social media is giving a clear indication that they aren't as rich as they claim. One woman commented that people who take pictures with wads of money aren't rich because those with a lot of money never do that.

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