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15 Promises Employer Make, But Became Lies

Employer-employee relationships can be challenging, especially when your employer only tells you what you want to hear. But isn't that the case with everyone? Employers often use common phrases to appease their workers that deep down you know aren't true. The following are fifteen common lies employers tell their employees. 

1. Delayed Compensation

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How often have you been told that you'll get that raise or bonus “soon,” only to have it pushed back again and again? This happens a lot, especially when they need you to work in a position until it's filled. Employers often use this tactic to keep their employees working hard without actually having to pay them more.

2. No Discussing Salary

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Employers often tell their staff that they aren't allowed to talk about their pay to keep salaries secret and prevent anyone from asking for a raise. You can't complain that your coworker is getting more than you if you never find out what they make. 

3. Your Compensations is Already Above Average 

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How often have you heard your compensation is above average for your position? This is a lie that employers often tell their employees to avoid giving raises or bonuses. But whether or not you're already making more than most in your position at the company doesn't mean you're being paid what you're worth. 

4. Your Job is Safe

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Is anyone's job ever genuinely safe? Employers often say your job is safe whenever there are talks about layoffs to avoid frightening employees. But companies always go through so many changes, and your boss will typically have someone above him making the decisions on who gets fired. 

5. Prioritizing Mental Health

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So many companies claim they care about their employees' mental health, but do they ever follow through? Many will only do the bare minimum to promote wellness among their employees. This creates an environment where staff think they must hide their struggles to avoid being seen as weak or unproductive. 

6. Believe in Work-Life Balance

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So many employers talk about promoting work-life balance among their employees, then immediately blur the lines once their staff exits the building. Many companies expect their employees to be accessible 24/7 and don't give them enough time to recharge away from the office. 

7. Allow Flexible Hours

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Flexible hours are something many companies promise but rarely deliver. Even when employers claim to allow flexible schedules, they're often still up to the discretion of the HR department and your supervisor. They provide flexible hours based on their needs rather than on yours. 

8. HR is Your Friend

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Employers love claiming that HR is your friend, but the truth is while HR may be there to help employees with certain issues, their ultimate loyalty is to the company. The HR department would never put your needs over the organization's.

9. Your PTO Was Approved 

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Have you ever been excited for time off and then got called back into work? For so many people, even if time off was technically approved, their boss could pressure them to cancel plans or work during their vacation. For others, their time off could be revoked entirely if their boss needs them to work. 

10. We're All in The Same Boat

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Employers love creating the impression that they can completely relate to what you're going through, but is it really true? It's more like while everyone's in the same storm, the CEO is sailing in an unsinkable ship while the employees are in a dinghy with a hole in it. 

11. No More Layoffs

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Employers often reassure their employees that there won't be any further layoffs, but this is a promise they can rarely keep. Layoffs are common in every industry whenever companies need to cut costs. There's no way to guarantee the company won't need to fire a few more employees. 

12. Just About to Promote You

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Whenever a valuable employee complains or considers leaving their job, employers will often try to reassure them by claiming they were on the cusp of being promoted. But this is just a way companies keep their workers motivated, and often, it isn't the truth. 

13. People Love Working Here!

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Every employer claims that their employees love working for them. Maybe they would prefer everyone to be happy to work for them, and of course, some employees will genuinely enjoy their jobs. But to know if people truly enjoy working somewhere, you should ask the workers.  

14. Don't Need to Join a Union

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Many employers will try to convince you there's no need to join a union. But joining a union can help you negotiate for better pay and working conditions. Every employee should ensure they're supported by a good, strong union. 

15. An Open Door Policy

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How often have you heard an employer describe themself as having an open door policy? This common phrase is used to put employees at ease, but is it true? Most employers don't want to be bothered by their employees' trivial, daily concerns and only expect you to come to them for significant issues. 

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