15 Things Left-Handed People Struggle With That Right-Handed People Know Nothing About

Are you left-handed? About 10% of people in the world are, but the world isn't designed for lefties. In an online discussion, people shared the struggles of being left-handed that right-handed people know nothing about.

1. Very Few Left-Handed Desks

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Most desks are designed for right-handed people, especially in schools and colleges. So, lefties often have to deal with the awkwardness of not having sufficient left-handed desks for the lefties in the class. One woman said, “Those desks or couch chairs that have a small desk attached. They do make left-handed/sided ones, but they are few and far between.” 

2. Getting the Left-Handed Seat at Dinner

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If you're going out for dinner as a left-hander, you must ensure you secure the right seat at the table. Left-handed people are often bumping elbows with their right-handed neighbors at the dinner table. One man said, “Getting the left-hand seat at a dinner table.”

3. Ink Stains on Your Knuckles

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Right-handed people have no idea how much left-handed people struggle with their hand trailing over the freshly written ink and smudging all over the page. Someone remarked, “Ink stains on your knuckles writing across the page.” 

4. Right-Handed Sports Demonstrations

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Sports demonstrations can be really confusing for left-handed people. The demonstrations are usually done using the right-hand and right-handed equipment. One man shared, “Sports when you are young. Every demonstration from the PE teacher is right-handed. You can't just copy the movements they teach you; you need to flip them, and your tiny brain struggles to process them.” 

5. Everyday Objects Are Made for the Right-Handed

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Scissors, can openers, ATMs, and several other everyday objects aren't designed for left-handed people. One man commented, “Many everyday objects, like scissors or can openers, are designed with right-handed people in mind, which can make certain tasks a bit more challenging for us lefties.”

6. Right-Handed Sports Equipment at Schools

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School sports equipment is often designed for right-handed people, making participating in sports more challenging for left-handed students. One man remarked, “98% of the cheap sports equipment the school uses is right-handed.” 

7. Writing On Whiteboards

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Imagine your hand erasing everything you write while you write it; that's exactly what left-handed people struggle with. One woman shared, “Writing on whiteboards is a nightmare. I have to float my hand, which tires out my arm quickly, and I can't see what I've already written to keep the line straight.” 

8. Comments from Right-Handed People

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Imagine someone poking fun every time you write? Right-handed people often make silly comments and jokes at left-handers' expense, which can be annoying. Someone commented, “Having right-handed people make comments whenever they see us write like we're some kind of alien.” 

9. Using Spiral Notebooks

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One man said, “Spiral notebooks. You have to press the side of your hand into the spiral part when you start writing on a new line.” Using spiral notebooks can be a nightmare for left-handed people. The spiral gets in the way of your hand, making it challenging to write. Some left-handed people even turn the notebook upside down to avoid this issue.

10. App Buttons On the Right Side

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App buttons on the right side of your phone can be a pain for left-handed people. One woman shared, “Phone apps. The most frequently used buttons and controls are always on the right side of the screen.” 

11. Using Power Tools

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Power tools are often geared towards right-handed people, which can lead to accidents for lefties. Someone shared, “The biggest risk is power tools. I taught myself to use all power tools right-handed because of the risks of using them left-handed.” 

12. Using Crochet Tutorials

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Most craft tutorials are designed with right-handed people in mind. It's really challenging to flip crochet tutorials in your mind. One woman commented, “I crochet, and as a leftie, I basically crochet backward. It's fine until I need a tutorial for something.” 

13. Shaking Hands

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Most people instinctively extend their right hand for a handshake, which can lead to an awkward moment if you're left-handed. One man remarked, “Which hand to shake with? I often have to consciously put something in my left hand and keep my right hand open to make sure I get it right.” 

14. Using a Computer Mouse

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It can be really uncomfortable to use a mouse as a left-hander and really inconvenient to have to carry around your own. Someone said, “Left-handed mice are so rare that unless you're carrying your own everywhere, they're not worth bothering.” 

15. Using a Vegetable Peeler

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The blade on a potato peeler is usually angled for right-handed people. This makes using the peeler really challenging for a left-hander. One woman said, “A vegetable peeler. Once, I bought a vegetable peeler meant for only right-handed people, and I was dumbfounded because I didn't know that was a thing. I switched the blade around, and then I was able to use it.” 


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