10 Unexpected Things That Quietly Disappeared from Existence

Have you ever stopped to think about the things that used to be a staple in our lives but have disappeared without anyone noticing? It's easy to get caught up with how quickly our society advances, and we don't see the small changes. Here are ten things that have disappeared without anyone realizing.

1. Mail-in Box Tops

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“Mail-in box tops for cheap. I got a Kool-Aid pitcher and 4 cups in the 70's. I still use the pitcher,” someone said. Remember the days of clipping Box Tops off cereal boxes and sending them in for a reward? This practice has vanished, as companies now offer digital rewards collection options.

2. Coupon Dispensers

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Coupon dispensers used to be found in grocery stores and allowed customers to grab coupons for their favorite products. With the rise of online shopping and digital coupons, these machines have disappeared from stores with little notice. “Those red coupon dispensers that were in every grocery store aisle. They just disappeared one day, never to return again,” someone commented.

3. Antennas On Cars

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“Antennas on cars. I was driving a beater and did not notice they were gone til they were ALL gone.” One woman said. Antennas were once a common sight on the roads. Now, you'd be surprised to find a car with one. With satellite radio and streaming services, traditional radio antennas have become obsolete.

4. Ronald McDonald

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Remember Ronald McDonald, the mascot for McDonald's? While he's still around, he's not as prominent as he used to be. The fast-food giant has toned down its marketing efforts featuring the clown. “McDonald's quietly got rid of Ronald McDonald during the whole clown phase when people dressed as clowns and started scaring everyone,” someone remarked.

5. Early Morning Cartoons

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Gone are the days when kids would wake up and enjoy cartoons on a quiet Saturday morning. “Early morning Cartoons. They've been replaced with talk shows and news. No wonder our kids are messed up. It's reality from the second they wake up until bedtime,” someone remarked.

6. Ringback Tones

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“Ringback tones… you'd call someone and get to hear music they chose instead of ringing,” someone added. With the rise of smartphones and the ability to set custom ringtones, ringback tones have become a relic of the past.

7. Biodiversity

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With the destruction of habitats and climate change, many species have gone extinct or are on the brink of extinction. “Biodiversity. I saw a firefly for the first time in maybe ten years and realized how few birds and bugs from my childhood are seen today,” one person added. 

8. Miniature Fruit Baskets

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Do you remember the small green baskets that strawberries and blueberries used to come in at the grocery store? These miniature fruit baskets were once common in produce aisles but have seemingly disappeared. “The little green baskets that Strawberries and Blueberries used to come in at the grocery store,” one woman said. 

9. Payphones

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“Payphones. Cell phones became really popular really quickly, and typically nobody noticed payphones getting removed unless they were in very public places,” one person said. Payphones were once a common sight on street corners and in public places. They've become obsolete with the rise of cell phones. 

10. Floppy Disk Drives

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Floppy drives used to be a necessary component for saving and transferring files. But they've been replaced by USB drives and cloud storage. “Floppy disk drives in PCs and laptops. I wish I'd transferred all my old files before it was too late,” someone said.

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