10 Priceless Nuggets of Wisdom for Your Journey into Adulthood

If you could go back in time and have a conversation with your 18-year-old self, what things would you tell yourself? Scrolling through a discussion forum, several people shared advice they would give to their younger selves, and the responses were incredibly relatable. Here are ten of the most valuable pieces of advice they shared.

1. Relationship Advice

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“Stay away from the redhead you're about to meet. Just stay away.” one man said. Sometimes, we meet people we feel are perfect for us, but they might not be. “You're going to be at a house party one night. A very pretty brunette from your home state is going to catch your eye, and you're going to want to talk to her. Don't do it.” another man said.

2. Financial Advice

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Investing your money in the right places at a young age can make a huge difference in your future. “In 2010, something called Bitcoin will come around. Buy £10 worth and keep them safe,” one man said, “in November 2021, sell the Bitcoin,” he continued. 

3. Mental Health Advice

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“Get mental therapy asap and get diagnosed so you can get help faster,” an anonymous person shared. The earlier you address any mental health issues, the sooner you can start on your path to healing and growth.

4. Career Advice

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“Stick with the automotive career, and don't lose sight of what you hold true,” one woman remarked. Finding a career, you're passionate about that aligns with your values and beliefs is incredibly fulfilling. Believe in yourself, and you’ll get there. 

5. Fitness Advice

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Starting a workout routine creates healthy habits that benefit you in the long run. However, taking the first step can become more difficult later in life. “Start working out now! it's hard in your 30s,” one woman commented.

6. College Advice

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Sometimes, we choose a major in college because we think it's what we should do or because it's what our parents want us to do. But we should be choosing a major based on our passions and interests. “Do a different major,” a woman remarked.

7. Marriage Advice

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Marriage is a huge commitment, and it's essential to make sure you're ready for it. Rushing into marriage at a young age exposes you to many challenges and difficulties. “Don't get married at 18,” one man warned.

8. Social Advice

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“Don't be such a complete introvert. Speak a bit more to people,” an anonymous person shared. Building meaningful connections and relationships with people can make a significant positive impact on your life. You never know who’ll be the one to help you in the near future. 

9. Sobriety Advice

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“Stop. Doing. Drugs,” an anonymous person said. Experimenting with drugs and alcohol is so common among young people. However, it can derail your life, damage relationships, and hinder your potential. 

10. Life Advice

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“Just one thing. Following your parents' formula for happiness (going to school, getting a good job, starting a family) does not mean you will end up happy. Follow your own path! That classic formula is not meant for everyone,” an anonymous person shared. What works for one person may not work for another, and you're the only one who knows what's best for you.

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