Penny Pinching or Profiteering? 10 Fees That Cross the Line

Fees are a part of life, but there’s a fee for something everywhere you look. These unnecessary fees can really add up over time. Let’s take a look at some of the dumbest fees that people have had to pay.

1. Convenience Fees 

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According to many people, one of the most frustrating fees is the convenience fee. As one person put it, “Convenience fees. Hey, you want to give us money in an easier way? Well, give us more money to do it.” It seems ridiculous, especially when charged for an online payment, but it’s the only way to pay. 

2. Resort Fees

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“Resort fees at a hotel,” one man chimed in. “You’re already paying to stay there.” After paying a substantial amount for a room, guests are slapped with additional fees for amenities they may or may not use. It seems like another way for hotels to squeeze more money from their guests.

3. Service Fees 

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You think you’re getting a good deal on a ticket, but then you’re hit with a service fee that can sometimes be almost as much as the ticket itself. As one young woman stated, “Those service fees that come up when I try to buy a concert ticket.”

4. Late Fees

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If you’re already struggling to make ends meet, and then you’re hit with an extra fee just for not having enough money, it seems like a vicious cycle that’s hard to break. “The $35 late fee from my bank because I had no money in my account??? What??? You’re gonna charge me MORE money because I had NO money??” One woman remarked.

5. Bathroom Fee

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When you’re out on the town, the last thing you want to do is pay to use the bathroom. “The bathroom fee in clubs when the lady hands you a towel you can and could have picked up for yourself.” A woman shared. While it might be understandable to have staff monitoring the facilities, charging patrons extra for this feels unnecessary.

6. Overdraft Fee

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“Overdraft fee.” One man said, “I was hit with a 59-dollar fee for not having enough money in my checking and having to pull from savings.” It’s like charging someone for using their safety net and just another way for banks to make money from their customers.

7. Fuel Surcharge

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“Fuel surcharge,” one gentleman said. It might seem like a small fee but it can add up over time. While it’s understandable that businesses might face challenges due to fluctuating fuel prices, shouldn’t this be factored into the overall cost? 

8. Billing Fee

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Charging customers for the act of creating and sending a computer-generated bill via email seems excessive. As one man stated, “My utility bills have a “billing fee” applied each month. They’re charging me a fee for the act of creating the bill. And this is all electronic billing.”  

9. Inflation Surcharge 

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The inflation surcharge is a fee many people haven’t heard of before. One person commented, “I got food at a museum cafe recently, and the receipt had an “inflation surcharge” of $1, the first time I’d ever seen that one.” 

10. Wi-Fi Fee

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The Wi-Fi fee is another fee that people find particularly unnecessary. “Wi-Fi fee. It’s already in the building. Why don’t I have access?” One man complained. “It becomes even more ridiculous when they want you to pay some astronomical price for the crappy internet.” An anonymous person replied.

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