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Budget-Friendly Eye Health: Affordable Contact Lenses To Fit Your Financial Needs

Contact lenses are a popular solution for those who need vision correction. Not only do they provide unobstructed vision, but they also make it easy to switch up your look with colored or specialty lenses.

Buying contact lenses from your eye clinic or the store can be expensive. Shopping online is a better way to save money and time on contact lens purchases. You can find affordable options that suit your needs without leaving home.

If you want to shop and save, this article curates some of the best online stores selling high-quality glasses and contact lenses at affordable prices.

1800 Contacts

1800 Contacts is one of the most well-known sources for contact lenses (they sell prescription glasses, too). It is a great place to find discounts and deals on name-brand contacts like Acuvue, Air Optix, Clariti, Dailies, and FreshLook. Even without the discounts, their prices are still quite affordable.

First-time customers with 1800 Contacts enjoy the biggest benefit. The company offers 30% off your first order when you access the website. To avail yourself of this offer is, in their words, “enter your email and save some moolah.” It's that simple!

Besides the starting discount offer (available for a limited time), 1800 Contacts are also trusted for the quality of their products – the same as what you get from your doctor. You also get free shipping and returns and can renew your prescription from home.

1800 Contacts also take vision insurance to save even more money on contact lenses.

AC Lens

AC Lens offers a wide selection of lenses from major brands at competitive prices. Plus, they have helpful customer service staff who can answer any questions about selecting the right contacts for your eyes.

Their website also includes a free online vision test tool to check your vision from home. You only need a smartphone or computer, which takes 15 minutes. Keep a 10-foot distance and begin the test by following the onscreen instructions. A doctor will review the results and provide your RX or prescription.

What makes AC Lens affordable? New customers get 20% off their first order, and old customers on a subscription get 20% off. If your contact lens is $99+, you also get free shipping. Here's the downside – if you don't subscribe for future deliveries, AC Less will become less affordable.


GlassesUSA is an online eyewear retailer that offers a wide selection of cheap glasses or contact lenses. Here you can find over 100 lens types, including specialty lenses like custom toric and bifocal contacts. You can choose from many major brands, such as Acuvue, Dailies, and Air Optix.

Like other online lens retailers, GlassesUSA offers a first-time order discount of 25% and free shipping on orders. After the first order, prices revert to normal. However, you can still find these items at a discounted price by checking their sales page; browse the navigation menu to access this page.

GlassesUSA also offers private-label daily contact lenses, Vista Plus. They partnered with an international FDA-approved manufacturer to make this product possible. Vista Plus offers customers the same quality that comes with major brands but at a much lower price point; you can even start with a 10-day trial at $1.

At GlassesUSA, you will find lenses from several categories: daily, weekly, monthly, colored, and yearly. You will also find multifocal, toric, astigmatism, color, and single-vision lenses.


ContactsDirect arguably offers more opportunities for lower prices than any other online contact lens retailer. They specialize in top-notch quality lenses from major brands such as Acuvue and Air Optix at discounted rates.

This brand offers huge savings on annual supplies, multiple discounts and saving coupons, and free shipping on contact lenses. They also allow customers to pick up their contact lenses, saving them long waiting times for their orders. You can select this option at checkout and pick up your contacts at the LensCrafters store.

Another unique feature of ContactsDirect is the Price Match. It's another way to get a deal from this brand and save money.

Here's how it works: If you find a deal on a competitor's site (like the other brands on this page), contact ContactsDirect, and they will give you a better price.

  • Call them at 1-844-5-LENSES
  • Tell them about the deal you found
  • They will verify and give you a better offer as soon as possible.

It's that simple! Read the fine print and terms and conditions before exploring this genius feature.

Warby Parker

It's best to pick vendors with a good reputation, and Warby Parker is one of the industry's most respected retailers. They offer customers amazing lenses at affordable prices. Like other brands, first-time customers get 15-20% off their first order.

At Warby Parker, you will find a decent selection of contact lenses from major brands such as Clarity, Biofinity, and Acuvue. You can choose from many lens types, including daily, bi-weeklies, monthly disposable, toric, and astigmatism lenses. Warby Parker also has many vision insurance partners, so you can get a better deal if you have an insurance plan.

To further reduce their contacts' price, you can opt for an annual supply and receive a $50 credit for any contacts or glasses. What's more? After verifying your prescription, you can request a trial pack (Scout by Warby Parker) with six days' worth of lenses.

Warby Parker is more than just an online shop. It also has physical stores in many places across the US and Canada.

Since 1995, has provided customers with the lenses they need at competitive prices. This brand offers a full selection of contact lenses from major outlets such as Acuvue, Air Optix, Biofinity, and more.

This online contact lens store is your go-to place for limited-time deals and discounts. You can get $10 for every new member you refer (that alone can pay for your next pair of contacts!) They also offer a money-back guarantee, hassle-free returns, and online vision tests. Unfortunately, you don't get free shipping, which could be a major turn-off for some customers. Expect to pay a minimum of $9.95. is not in most vision care networks, but you can still use your insurance to get your money back. Compare the prices at with other places you buy contact lenses from to see if it's cheaper and worth buying from them. The deals on their website can be irresistible.


DiscountContacts is a great online contact lens retailer with free shipping on orders above $99 and some of the lowest prices on disposable lenses. They offer contact lenses in all categories, including single-vision, bifocal, and multifocal.

This brand has some of the best discounts you can find anywhere. You'll get 20% off your first purchase and 20% off reorders if you're on a subscription plan. If you're not on a subscription, the cost might be higher than in other places on this list, so compare the prices before you buy.

Another fantastic thing about DiscountContacts is the free online test! If you don't have a prescription, take the online vision test and get one; it takes about 15 minutes to complete and 24 hours for a doctor to review your test.

DiscountContacts also has some great return policies, including a 365-day return period for whatever reasons. Wrong color? Wrong size? No problem! You can make returns for free and get a full refund. Follow the instructions on their returns page to send back your lenses.

Costco Optical

Costco Optical is a department within Costco Wholesale that offers contact lenses from major brands in the industry. The brand is widely known for low-price, high-quality goods, and its contact lenses are no exception. You'll find Acuvue, Air Optix, Biofinity, etc., here.

At Costco Optical, the main attraction is their discounts on bulk orders and annual supply. You also get free shipping on most orders, so read the fine print before you shop.

Unfortunately, you must have a membership to shop at Costco Optical, but it pays off if you buy contacts in bulk.

In addition to the benefits of shopping for your next contacts at Costco, they arguably have the largest selection of contact lenses on this list. So, you're more likely to find your preferred brand and type of lenses at Costco.

See Clearly Without Breaking The Bank

Finding the best places to buy contact lenses online can be a challenge. While there are many places to buy contact lenses online, these stores are some of the best options for customers who want affordable contacts, fantastic deals, and great customer service. Check each store and see which offers you the best prices and benefits.

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