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Short on Income? Here are Simple DIY Crafts That Are Selling and Making Money 

Due to inflation and the recession, people are scrabbling to meet ends, which is why people are looking to the internet to solve their money problems. If you want another income to help cover your expenses, one of the best and easiest ways to start is to make DIY crafts. The best part about crafts is that they are fun and easy, make money, and help you learn new skills. If you are an innovative individual and an art enthusiast, you can start selling your DIY crafts online today. If you know what products are in demand and how to sell your products, you’ll have a business up and running in no time. 

Statista shows that the art and craft industry will increase to a value of 35 billion by 2024. This means that there is money to make still. 

So start working that creative brain of yours and start making. 

Where to Sell Your DIY Crafts?

With many platforms on the internet, you can sell your crafts almost anywhere online. Many business owners or solopreneurs need websites to start selling their products. Once you have a site or use other platforms, you can start driving traffic to make sales. 

Sites you can start selling your DIY crafts: 

  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • Society6
  • Red Bubble 
  • eCrater
  • Dawanda
  • Own websites

DIY Crafts to Start Creating

Home Decors

Did you know that home decor is a massive market, and consumers would spend thousands to billions of dollars to spruce up their living spaces? By 2024, the home decor industry could reach a record of $182 billion

Whether it’s furniture or decor, people want their homes to be comfortable and friendly. Ever since the pandemic, people have spent more time at home than ever. A home should be a place you should always look forward to returning to. If you come up with a phenomenal product to improve someone’s home at a reasonable price, you’ll be making bank in no time. Popular products to start designing and making include wall art, throw pillows, coasters, picture frames, kitchen tableware, and more. Home decors are considered one of the best DIY crafts to start your art venture. 


Making clothes can be a magnificent DIY craft project to start. The fashion industry can be highly competitive, but it is a start for everyone. With inflation skyrocketing, everything is becoming more expensive than ever, including clothes. When it comes to clothes, it is about the design, trend, and materials. 

Why do people buy clothes? Because it is the latest trend. One popular crochet designer and founder of PassioKnit Goods, Kelsie, shared her crochet design and skills on Tik Tok and Youtube. With over 1 million followers on Tik Tok, she has a large audience to share her knowledge and promote her products. Her designs are beautiful, bright, and unique, which many people love. 

If you can create clothes that people want to wear, you will have a successful business. There are so many types of clothes you can make, such as sweaters, scarves, hats, t-shirts, or cardigans. You just need to be creative with your designs and start crafting!


Jewelry is always a popular market and a profitable craft business. The fashion industry is evolving daily, and you need new jewelry to match your outfits. If you want to wow your target audience, you need to create a product that has a unique design, perfect color scheme, and attractive packaging. 

A shop on Etsy, CaitlynMinimalist, creates meaningful and minimalist jewelry with around 1,574,688 in sales. Customers always come back to buy because of its personalized design. 

The best part about jewelry is that it can be made from inexpensive or high-end supplies. If you look on Etsy, you can see many unique jewelry designs that people have come up with. It is one of the best products to sell on Etsy


The candle market is anticipated to increase by 2029, so it is a big market to look at. With many scents and colors to use, you can make the perfect candle for your consumers. People buy candles for their homes because they smell divine and make one’s homes cozy. 

Jazmin Richard, the founder of Blk Sunflower, started her hand-crafted candle business in late 2019. Within 18 months, she was able to make as much as $300,000. The best part about a candle-making business is that it is low cost. Candles are the best DIY crafts to start as a hobby and be turned into a profitable business. 

Beauty Products

The beauty industry is incredibly massive since people are always in need of products to make them look beautiful and youthful. Even if you are a novice at making beauty products, it is a remarkable experience to start. Products like face masks, serum, lotions, body scrubs, cleansers, and moisturizers are always essential for self-care. 

You don’t need to make extravagant and expensive products to sell but a product that sends a message to your consumers. By using homemade, natural products, you can create something beneficial for your audience and can start selling in no time!

Stationery Items  

No matter how much the world wants to become digital, it seems impossible to let go of stationery. Popular stationery you can create can be washi tape, notebooks, planners, journals, pens, calendars, and more. PlannerKate, a top seller on Etsy, has over 1,841,378 sales. She sells beautiful planners, stickers, albums, planner kits, checklists, and more.   

By creating products that assist people in their daily lives, you can make it into a profitable business. If you create stationery that your consumers can personalize, they will forever love your products because a personal product is always the best!

Start Promoting Your DIY Craft Business

Now that you know what to sell, it is time to skyrocket your sales by promoting your business. The hardest part is driving traffic. If people don’t know what your business is, you need to start spreading the good news on social media. The only way to get sales is by increasing your traffic. Ready to start your DIY craft venture? 

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