The Lingering Impact of COVID-19 on Our Lives Here are the top 10 places that still need to recover from the Covid-19 shutdown.

COVID-19 has left a lasting impact on the world. Here are 10 places that are still struggling to fully recover from the pandemic.

University Libraries

Limited hours hinder studying. Students struggle to access resources necessary for their studies.


Doctor Appointment Availability

Made difficult by reduced capacity. It can be challenging to get an appointment when needed.


Working Hours


Reduced, some restaurants closed dining rooms. Many have experienced a reduction in their working hours due to the pandemic.

Used Car Prices


Increased due to shortage of new cars. The shortage of new cars has led to a rise in used car prices.

Increased due to supply chain disruptions. The cost of groceries has increased for many consumers.


Grocery Prices

Reduced, making it challenging to access food. Many restaurants have reduced their menus.


Fast Food Restaurant Menus

Fluctuated in different areas. There have been fluctuations in housing prices in different areas.


Housing Market

Availability affected by reduced hours. It can be challenging for people who work odd hours to find a store that is open when they need it.


24-Hour Supermarket

Negatively impacted, students falling behind. Many children suffered during the pandemic and have not yet recovered.



Highlighted a shortage of workers. The pandemic has highlighted the need for more staffing in the healthcare industry.


Staffing for Healthcare Workers

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