10 Useful Real-life Skills You Develop While Playing Video Games

Video games have often been criticized for potentially harmful effects like addiction and encouraging violence. However, many games have found that playing video games has helped them learn valuable life skills. Several individuals shared the unexpected skills they gained from gaming in a discussion forum.

1. Reading Maps

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One gamer shared, “I learned how to read and navigate maps really well from this game. You would have to go all over, to different corners of the map to complete missions or capture different North Korean high-ranking officials.” This skill can be beneficial in real life, especially if you like to travel or explore new areas.

2. English

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Many non-English-speaking gamers worldwide have used video games to improve their English skills while having fun. “English,” a gamer remarked. “Yup, same here. Can't imagine how many people learned English from video games,” another replied. 

3. Using GPS

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“Using GPS while driving,” someone commented. “I got so used to it from games that a tiny peek for a split second is enough to let me know when to turn and where,” they continued. Many drivers use GPS daily; this skill is beneficial nowadays.

4. Situational Awareness

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“Situational awareness. We are constantly worrying about the surroundings of our characters, so we do it to ourselves,” one gamer commented. This heightened awareness can contribute to personal safety and alertness if you're in a situation where you need to be aware of your surroundings.

5. Problem Solving

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Problem-solving skills are beneficial when facing a complicated problem that requires creative thinking. An anonymous person shared, “So many people I know usually give up and look elsewhere for solutions to a problem. Gaming has taught me how to look for a ton of different ways to solve something.”

6. Perseverance

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“Not quitting when things get hard,” one gamer commented. Perseverance is one of the most essential life skills!” another replied. Many people have learned to persevere from playing video games. 

7. Planning Ahead

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Strategic games often demand careful planning and foresight, a valuable skill that can be applied to everyday life. “I'm pretty sure one of the reasons I'm as good at planning ahead as I am is because of Pikmin, dandori baby!” someone remarked. 

8. Typing

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“Typing. Multiplayer RTS games like Warcraft and Starcraft; I always played group games. This was back in dial-up days, and people were much less likely to bail. I learned I had to type messages fast and get back to the action to win. It forced me to be a very fast typer,” someone shared. This skill could be handy in real life, especially in a professional setting.

9. Drumming

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“Drumming! Rock Band taught me timing, limb independence, and basically, how a drummer fits into the overall architecture of a song.” This unique example demonstrates that video games can improve musical timing and coordination, which could translate to learning a musical instrument in real life.

10. Managing Debt

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Some video games teach the importance of borrowing wisely and managing resources effectively. “Managing debt. Builder games that let you take a loan. I learned the value of being able to borrow money and plan to pay it off. I learned how money can help you get a short-term investment for long-term gains. I was taught to never borrow money, and to be honest, my parents are awful with money and not because they got loans.”

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