Want to Spice Things up At Your Next Hangout?

If there's one thing you want to ensure at your party, it's that people want to have fun. Nobody wants to attend a boring shindig, and you don't want to host one. The solution? Throw in some fun and exciting party games to liven up the atmosphere.

Beyond the party food, music, and drinks, start planning your next house party or get-together with these games that will keep your guests reeling with laughter and excitement. 

Beer Pong

Most party games include beer pong. Get the competitive juices flowing with a game of beer pong. Set up cups on either end of a ping pong table and take turns throwing or bouncing ping pong balls into them. For each successful shot, the other team must drink the beer in that cup.


What's a party without some singing and dancing? Break out the karaoke machine or search for some karaoke versions of popular songs on YouTube and let loose with your friends. Bonus points if you can get everyone to perform a group number.

Black Jack

Bring out your inner card shark with a game of Black Jack. Take turns trying to get as close to 21 without going over while also beating the dealer's hand. You can place bets to make the game more competitive. 


Put your poker face to the test with a game of classic poker. This game requires strategy and skill as players try to get the best hand and bluff their way to victory. It's perfect for smaller groups but can also work with larger groups if you break off into separate tables.