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Personalized Gifts Ideas for the Upcoming Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for giving, and what could be more special than a personalized gift for your loved ones? Personalized gifts are unique because they show the extra thought and effort you put in.  

There are many ways to personalize a gift. The sky's the limit when it comes to creativity. Whatever you come up with, your family or friends will love it. With inflation and the recession still going on, you don't want to spend a fortune, which is why a personalized gift is the way to go. With $100 or less, you can find gifts from small keychains to bigger items like jewelry. If you make the gift yourself, the cost will be lower. 

Below you will find an ultimate list of gifts you can personalize. Don't be afraid of trying something new out of your comfort. Whatever you make or buy, the person will love it. 

Gift To Look Into Buying


Keychains are great since everybody has a bunch of keys. Why not make theirs stand out with a personalized keychain? Choose materials such as metal or leather, and add other decors that they love. 

A keychain with quotes, artwork, or pictures is a beautiful gift for those who mean a lot to you. Your friend or family will love a meaningful gift like this. It's simple and small that holds a lot of meaning. 



Do you have anyone who is a coffee or tea lover? Mugs are an essential household item in many homes, making them the perfect gift. You can go with pre-made mugs with a name, picture, artwork, or a special message or greeting.

Better yet, you can make a mug and paint or decorate it however you please. Creating it will make the mug an original masterpiece. Each time your friends or family take a sip of their coffee or tea, they will remember you.



Bookworms will appreciate a personalized bookmark to remember where they left off in their latest book. You can pick out materials like metal, leather, or furry look. You can make, draw, customize online, or DIY one for your book lover friend. 

Suppose you plan on going the DIY route. You can use simple materials like felt, ribbons, stickers, and glitter to make the bookmark more personal. Whatever you choose will add a personalized touch to their reading experience.



No one gives puzzles as gifts anymore, but they add a unique twist as presents. Puzzles are fun and can be for anyone. You can choose a memorable picture and make it into a puzzle. It'll be a great personalized gift where you and your family can put it together and display it somewhere in the house. 



Personalized jewelry is always a hit, and they have plenty of options. You may be lucky to find jewelry with your friend's name or initials. Popular brands like Pandora and Kendra Scott might be expensive to you, so why not make one?

You can go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels to get jewelry supplies and start making gifts for all your friends and family. Why go the expensive route when you can DIY yourself?



Those who love to cook or bake will definitely love an apron made by yours truly. Personalized aprons make a unique and useful gift for the chef in your life. An apron they will use daily in the kitchen sounds like a gift to be remembered.

Add a personalized touch by adding their name on the apron, or get creative with personalized messages such as “Kiss the Cook” or “Mom's Kitchen.” It's a great gift for anyone who loves cooking, baking, or grilling.


Phone Case

Wherever you go, your phones go with you. They are like your buddies that are always by your side. Everyone has a phone these days, so a phone case makes it the perfect gift to give someone. Be the reason your friends smile each time they use their phone with a personalized phone case. Select a color and design the case that fits their style.

You can also design personalized phone cases yourself if you can't find the exact one that fits your friend's style. Go to and explore your creativity.



What better way than to snuggle up on a cold winter night with a hot chocolate and a comfy blanket? It provides warmth, comfort, and companionship. 

You can never have enough blankets at home. You can buy a blanket with a design that your friend or family love, or you can grab a funny picture and turn it into a blanket? Can you imagine giving a blanket that has their face on it?


Photo Book 

Pictures are treasures since they present memorable times with your close ones. You can make a picture book online or a scrapbook to make it more personal. 

Collect all the pictures you would like to use and upload them to a website that prints picture books. You don't have to make a fancy and expensive one. A standard one is fine. If you don't like what the websites have to offer, you can make a scrapbook yourself. This might take longer to do, but the outcome is phenomenal. 



Custom T-shirts and hoodies are personalized gifts your special one can wear year-round, which will constantly remind them of the giver. Select a design, personalized message, or inside joke that is special to you and your friend.

Don't settle for cheap, stiff, and uncomfortable T-shirts. Look for quality material so the gift won't become worn out or lose its personalized touch after a few washes. Also, double-check the size before purchasing to ensure it's a perfect fit.


Gift Cards 

Personalized gift cards are special to the recipient, not just for what they can buy but for the customized touch and message you add.

Make your Visa or Mastercard gift card personal by adding an embossed message to the front and designing a matching greeting card. You can use the same photo for both or choose different pictures.

Visit Giftcards to make personalized gift cards for your loved ones. It's a gift they will appreciate and show off to others.

Beauty Box

If you have someone who loves beauty products, you can get them a personalized beauty box. You can buy one with all their favorite products or put them together separately. 

This one is a bit more costly depending on the products you buy. But then again, self-care is a must for everyone! If you want your special person to have the full experience of using beauty products, you must spend a bit more money. 

Gift Basket 

Gift baskets are a wonderful gift to give since there are a variety of things in the baskets. You have goodies, fragrances, beauty products, plushies, and more. You can make the gift basket however you please. Whether you make a small or big basket, your family and friend will love it! If you don't want to make one, you can buy one already wrapped up. 

If you search the web, you'll see many different gift baskets. It can be intimidating because you don't know what to choose. However, if you buy them, it tends to be more expensive than making them yourself. 


If your friend or family struggles to stay hydrated, you need to get them a tumblr that says, “Stay hydrated!” People tend to forget to drink water, and you need that water in your body. Whatever message you put on tumblr, they will surely remember you as the giver. 

The best part about a tumblr is you can design and choose the color you want. Everyone loves getting gifts that are thoughtful and well-vetted. Your friends or family will be extremely grateful since you thought about their health. 


Whether it's for school or traveling, your beloved ones might need a new backpack. Everyone loves a personalized backpack. The backpack can have their names, initials, favorite cartoon characters, or a personalized message embroidered. With a personalized backpack, you will never lose it since it is a unique gift that stands out. 

Whether it's for your friend or family, they will adore this gift. You can find personalized backpacks on Etsy and Amazon or visit a personalized gift shop.


Autographed Football Jersey

Sports fans will appreciate an autographed jersey personalized with the name and number of their favorite player. The personalized touch makes it a more valuable collectible for any sports fan, as they proudly display it on their wall or wear it to the next game.

You can find autographed jerseys from various sports teams on different sites. Prices vary depending on the player and team.


Let the Gift Giving Begin!

Some gifts can cost more than others, depending on the item. These personalized gift ideas are unique and affordable and will impress your loved ones this holiday season. The memories will last a lifetime, and the personalized touch will make it extra special. Whip out your smartphone and capture the joy on their faces as they unwrap their gifts. Happy holidays and happy gift-giving!

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