How to Fight Inflation with these Saving Money Tips

When you're facing sky-high inflation and the dollars in your pocket isn't stretching as far as they used to, it's a great time to start thinking about ways to save more and reduce costs.  

Start investing early

Although it may feel counterintuitive to pour more money into investments when your budget is tight, investing is more important than ever during times of inflation.  

Make a budget and stick to it

Although it's always wise to live on a budget, it's even more critical during times of inflation. You might be shocked, but 73% of Americans don't follow a budget.  

Cut subscription

The average American family spends approximately $273 per month on subscriptions. Subscriptions can be costly if you don't use them often every month. You have Spotify, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and the list goes on and on. 

Unsubscribe from Email

You don't buy things if you don't know what's out there. If you are a shopper, you'll be hitting the subscribe button to too many online stores and overspending a bit. 

Consider starting a side gig

One of the best ways to make your money stretch further during inflation is to increase your income. Consider starting a side gig to bring in an extra few hundred dollars (or more) per month. 

Don't take on more debt

Although debt is almost always a bad idea, it's even more dangerous during inflation. With everything being pricy, you don't want to pay for your expenses on top of any debt you may have.