How to Stop Overthinking: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Overthinking is pretty much what it sounds like: thinking too much about something, good or bad, to the point where it interferes with your daily life. 

Why Do People Overthink?

Everyone overthinks for different reasons. Perhaps you're worried about something specific or are trying to get more control over your life. Maybe you're afraid of making mistakes because you're a perfectionist. Or you've been hurt in the past, and now you're overthinking things to protect yourself.

Is Overthinking Bad for You?

Yes, overthinking can affect your mental and physical health. When you overthink, you are essentially putting your body under stress, leading to many health problems ranging from insomnia to cardiovascular disea

Signs You're An Overthinker

– You have a hard time making decisions, even simple ones. – You overanalyze every situation and try to anticipate every possible outcome. – You dwell on past mistakes and regrets. – You doubt your abilities and question whether you're good enough.

How To Stop Overthinking:

– Acknowledge that you’re overthinking - Identify the triggers that cause you to overthink - Challenge your thought - Let go of perfectionism - Gather your information