Helpful Ways to Cope with anger Issues

Anger is a feeling or emotion like disgust, surprise, frustration, gratitude, and other ways to describe how you feel. Anger is typically a cover for other emotions such as frustration, anxiety, loneliness, grief, or shame. 

Repeated focus on adverse events, words said, and how angry those events made you feel leads to depression. Anger issues may be a cover for something deeper such as depression and anxiety caused by convincing yourself these thoughts are all factual. 

Being angry does not make you a bad person; it can mean that you have chemical needs that need support, such as nutrient deficiencies. It can also indicate that you have trauma, hurt or unforgiven beliefs that are weighing you down. 

Tips to Recognize and Prevent Anger

1. Recognize your Symptoms 2. Know when to Walk Away 3. Practice 4. Wait to Respond 5. Meditation  6. Take Supplements 7. Get Enough Sleep 8. Forgive and Let G