Energizing Your Home Office With Simple & Affordable Office Decor

Working from home has recently become a reality for many people. So, what makes your office a productive oasis for you? For some, it’s the accessories on your desk. For others, the surroundings draw their attention when they need a break from the screen.

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint makes all the difference in the world. If your home office could be brighter, imagine how a new cheery color may change your mindset. Or if you add new wallpaper with a remarkable pattern to one of your walls.  

Fresh New Look

Your desk or workstation is all about organization. Whatever you use each week must be within easy reach and serve a functional purpose. Depending on your occupation, you may need stationery, a monitor stand to raise your monitor to eye level, an ergonomic keyboard, and mouse, a desk lamp, or a desk organizer. 

Desk Accessories

Sometimes, simply organizing your work area does wonder for your mental health. A place for everything and everything in its place is especially true for your work environment. If you have books, reference material, binders, etc., scattered around your office, a shelving unit or bookcase will improve your productivity by tidying up your workspace. 

Shelves and Bookcase

Plants can be placed anywhere in your home office. You may want a small plant on your desk, bookcase, or window sill. You may wish to have a hanging plant draping down your shelving unit, or you may have room for a floor plant. Whatever your preference, plants are beneficial in serving three purposes.  


Depending on the season, you may need a fan, heater, or humidifier in your home office. A stifling hot office is not conducive to getting work done. Neither are cold feet or hands in the middle of winter. What if you have allergies or asthma? 

Air Circulation