How To Reduce Stress

How to reduce stress seems to be the million-dollar question these days. Stress is something that we all face. Whether chronic stress or situational, the symptoms can be challenging. 

How Do You Reduce Stress?

Get Active

We all know how good it physically feels to be active. Your blood starts to flow, your heart is pumping, endorphins are awake and engaged, and you might be sweaty if you are working hard enough!  


The last 10-12 years have seen an increase in meditation apps you can download for a monthly or yearly fee that pretty much everyone can afford.


An ancient practice that has gained popularity over the years, yoga is an excellent way to de-stress as it focuses on relaxation. It can be gentle or intense that focus on breathing throughout the movement. 

Dance Like No One is Watching

Dancing is a fantastic stress reliever! And while you are dancing, sing your heart out! You will be surprised at how quickly your start smiling and even laughing.

Find the Sun

The sun has positive impacts on our mental and physical health, so there is no reason you shouldn't find the sun every day. The goal is to take a break and change the environment that is causing you stress for a few minutes.