You Are A Millennial If You Know These 15 Things

The older generation, like Millennials, grew up differently than Gen Z. If you were born in a certain generation, you would know. Things were so different in the 1990s and early 2000s. If you show Ge Z these things, they will be clueless of what they are since they never seen them before.  

1. Renting Movies

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People used to rent movies to watch at home. Blockbuster was the popular place to rent movies and video games. Since streaming service wasn’t a thing yet, people would rent out movies they want to watch with their family and friends. 

2. CDs

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There was no such thing as Spotify, where you could listen to all the music in the world. You had to buy CDs and listen to them on the CD player. With Spotify and YouTube, no one needs CDs anymore. 

3. VHS Tape 

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You don’t see many VHS tapes these days. Everything is streamed on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services. Back then, to put on a movie to watch, you had a VHS player. It’s not fancy like the streaming services people have today. 

4. Phone Book

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If you want to call the hospital, restaurant, or any place, you have to look them up in the phone book. There was no smartphone or Google to help you find contact. The phone book has all the contacts in your town. It was a thick and big book that looked almost like a dictionary. 

5. Walkie Talkies

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Walkie-talkies were the best things people had. They were convenient when you were out and about and especially handy when you had to work with people across different locations. To some people, these were the first cell phones they had. 

6. Maps

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Back then, there was no such thing as GPS. You only had a map that gave you direction. Finding directions and knowing what exit to take takes more time since you have to find the answer on your own. It’s not as simple as typing the address into Google Maps, and it gives you the direction.  

7. Payphones

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When people needed to call someone, payphones were there to help them. Not everyone had a cell phone back then, so they had to go to a payphone booth to call. Now, the number of payphones has decreased. 

8. Writing Letters 

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With tablets, laptops, and phones for texting and emailing, people don't write letters to one another like they used to. People today rarely use a pen or pencil to write letters to their loved ones. 

9. Overhead Projector 

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There was no fancy overhead that hung from the ceiling and you can’t even connect your computer or laptop to it either. Overhead projectors from the past require transparency film to project an image. It’s not like you have PowerPoint to present like it is today. 

10. Cassette Tape 

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Like CDs, millennials had cassette tapes to listen to their favorite music. People could record, share, and play their music conveniently. People who own cassette tapes also own cassette players to play their music.

11. Floppy Disk 

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Floppy Disks are similar to hard drives. They were used to distribute software, transfer files, and create backup copies of data. These disks were made of plastic and metal and stored data on computers. They were small, easy to carry, and cheap to purchase. 

12. iPod

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Before smartphones existed, iPods were trendy devices that people owned. You could listen to music wherever you went. Now, you don’t see people walking around with their iPods because the majority of the population owns a smartphone. 

13. Radio Player

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Similar to using CDs, people use radio player to listen to their music. You just put the CDs in and you can listen to whichever track you want. Each CD would have like 10 songs or more depending on the artist. Now no one really use radio player. Everyone has Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Music to listen to their favorite songs.

14. Game Boy

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Before the Playstation and the Nintendo DS, the Game Boy exist. It was a portable handheld console. You can can play whatever game you want, but you had to buy the individual games to put it into the Game Boy to play. It was small and you could carry it anywhere you go. It's similar to the size of a smartphone today.

15. Landline Phone

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Some people might have it today, but majority of the population have cell phones instead of landline phone because you can carry a cell phone anywhere you go now. Back when smartphones didn't exist, landline phone was used to communicate to people. When you have a landline phone, you have to remember people's number. No contact is saved with a landline phone.

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