Who Needs Therapy? 15 Childhood Chores That Are Therapeutic to Adults

Many kids think that chores are the worst thing ever. However, something changes when you become an adult. Beyond just keeping things clean, you find peace in performing your daily chores. The following are fifteen chores that are therapeutic for adults. 

1. Folding Laundry

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As a kid, folding laundry was the last thing you wanted to do at the end of the day. But as an adult, the repetitive motion of folding laundry is somewhat soothing. The smell of freshly washed fabric and the warmth of the clothes right out of the dryer is comforting. Many adults love to put on their favorite shows or podcasts and relax while folding laundry. 

2. Washing the Car

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Were you ever forced to wash your parents' car on a Saturday morning? Kids often view washing the car as a tedious chore. But as an adult, you take pride in keeping your vehicle clean. Plus, getting the chance to get outside in the sun will do wonders for your physical and mental health. 

3. Washing Dishes

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Kids everywhere heat washing dishes. Standing at the sink, scrubbing away at stubborn bits of food, it feels like a never-ending chore to most children. However, as an adult, it's almost therapeutic. Spending time in the warm water rhythmically scrubbing your dishes until you see a clean and empty sink brings deep satisfaction. Many adults enjoy listening to podcasts and music or catching up on TV shows while doing the dishes.

4. Vacuuming

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There's something incredibly satisfying about seeing dirt and crumbs being sucked up into the vacuum cleaner. You may have seen this chore as boring or pointless as a child. However, as an adult, feelings change. You understand that vacuuming is a quick and effective way to make your home feel clean and tidy without you having to break a sweat comma, especially when dealing with carpets.

5. Organizing Shelves

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Who doesn't love seeing items neatly arranged on shelves throughout the home? Though, as a child, you may have seen this chore as some bizarre form of torture. As an adult, you feel a sense of pride in finding the perfect spot for each item and then looking at everything neatly arranged. It's also one of those chores that allows you to clear your mind and focus on the task.

6. Watering Plants

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Being responsible for caring for household plants can be really boring as a kid. During adulthood, however, you realize there's something therapeutic about caring for plants and watching them thrive and grow. Just a simple act of giving your plants a drink of water can cultivate a sense of peace and tranquility throughout the home.

7. Ironing Clothes

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Are there any kids who actually enjoy ironing? Growing up, being given the task of ironing clothes often seemed like a time-consuming chore. Now, ironing is almost meditative. You get to enjoy the satisfying and rhythmic ironing motion coupled with the warmth of the iron and the smell of freshly pressed fabric. It's a calming chore that lets you focus on your task and hand and let go of the day's stress.

8. Washing the Windows

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There's something satisfying about watching the dirt and grime of the outside world wash away from your windows. It almost feels like the cleaner the windows, the cleaner the household. However, as a young child, you wouldn't view it that way and often see window washing as challenging and thankless.

9. Making the Bed

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Kids want to hop out of bed and start their day without worrying about stopping to straighten the sheets or fluff the pillows. Making the bed isn't a priority when you're a child. However, when you grow up, you realize that making your bed starts off your day on the right foot. It provides a sense of accomplishment, starting the day by ticking one item after the to-do list. It's also just much more aesthetically pleasing to return to a well-made bed.

10. Raking Leaves

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Raking leaves is an entirely unavoidable chore during the fall season. It often feels like endless, backbreaking work since leaves constantly fall, no matter how much you rate them. However, when you grow up, you begin to appreciate the need and tidy piles of leaves compared to a clean and clear lawn. It also gives you a chance to get outside and connect with nature, as well as get some exercise.

11. Sweeping the Floors

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Did you hate sweeping the forest growing up? Many kids do. Sweeping the floors and wiping off the countertops creates a sense of cleanliness and order in the home that every adult strives for. 

12. Gardening 

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If your family owned a garden while you were growing up, you probably tried your best to avoid garden duty. Gardening might seem boring and inconsequential as a child, but, as an adult, you understand the importance of caring for your garden. There is something incredibly calming and therapeutic about connecting with nature and attending to the garden you planted with your hands.

13. Dusting

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Every adult strives for a dust-free home. While kids may not recognize the significance of having clean and clear surfaces and dust-free air, adults recognize that this is a privilege. Dusting is a major part of keeping the home clean and tidy, which many adults enjoy.

14. Walking the Dog

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Pets need exercise just as much as we do. While you may not have appreciated it as a child, as an adult, you recognize the importance of walking your dog. This also provides you the chance to get out and get exercise and fresh air, and it's also an excellent way of connecting with your furry friend.

15. Cleaning the Car

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Keeping your car's interior clean is just as important as washing the exterior. As a child, you may not have understood the emphasis your parents placed on keeping the interior of their vehicles clean. Now that you're an adult with your own car, you recognize how satisfying it is to enter your vehicle with a fresh, clean car scent and a spotless interior.


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