Zero-Based Budgeting 101: Best Practices To Following the Money

When it comes to the topic of managing your money, are you taking the best approach? While many people may believe they have a sound budgeting system and process, only a few manage to set aside money for their future.

The beauty of zero-based budgeting is that you account for every dollar you receive. Using traditional budgeting methods, you typically list all necessary expenses, such as rent or mortgage, car, and debt payments.

What Is the Benefit?

- Gather Your Income - Gather Your Expense - Analyze Your Financial Data - Why Your Dollars Need a Job - Rinse and Repeat

How to Create a Zero-Based Budget

Zero-based budgeting requires you to approach your finances with a new perspective and embrace alternative ways of managing your money. Accounting for every dollar forces you to pay attention to your finances and encourages you to make intentional choices on how you spend your hard-earned money.  a Job - Rinse and Repeat