Will Inflation Cast Cloudy Outlook on Black Friday?

With the upcoming holiday season, inflation will hit consumers in the pocketbook, along with a looming recession. Everyone wants to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones while staying afloat.  

Prepare for Battle

With the gloomy economy, many shoppers are uncertain about their holiday spending. While people let inflation and the looming recession take their course, consumers are finding ways to make smart money moves to their buys. 

Start with a Plan

You can't dive into war without a plan at hand, can you? Before the big day comes, you need to take the time to establish your shopping plan and see what you need to get for yourself and your beloved ones.  

Cut Some Spending 

Some people will begin to tighten their belts, so to speak, and watch their spending more closely. According to DealNews, 38.6% of the 236 respondents expect to spend less than last year.  

Stop Swiping

For those who may carry more than one credit card or carry a large credit card balance from one month to the next, rising interest rates can be crippling. 

Set Up Price Alerts 

If you shop at a particular store or a favorite brand, you want to set up notifications when a deal or sale is going on. Shoppers love to get their favorite things when there are great deals and sales.  

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