Where Should You Invest Your Money?


Stock Market

If a share of a company you own goes up, you gain a profit. Most beginners try to learn investing in the stock market so that they can learn the ropes


Mutual Funds

Instead of owning one stock, you are owning a basket of stocks. It is less risky compare to stocks


Exchange-Trade Fund (ETF)

Instead of owning a part of one company, you are owning a little piece of 5 companies. Most beginners start off with this as well because they are considered to be lower-risk investments



A digital form of money which you can buy, sell, and transfer. Similar to the stock market, if the currency


Real Estate

Owning rental properties is what some people do to build their wealth. This is for long-term purposes if you are looking to become wealthy in the future because real estate is expensive.

Now, where do you want to invest your money in???