Travel Planning: 23 Creative Self-Care Tips To Reduce Anxiety 

While traveling in and of itself could very well be a form of self-care, there are a few ways to avoid burnout and reduce anxiety while you're travel planning. Here are Creative Self-Care Tips :

Whether traveling or hanging out at home, planning your self-care needs before your trip is a reliable way to ensure you don't neglect or forget them. 

Plan Your Traveling  Self-Care In Advance

 Focus on what you will be doing and your physical and mental wellness needs, and use those ideas to know what to pack. 

Set Yourself Up For Success: Be Intentional With What You Pack

Review your trip details to minimize plans needing to change, prevent anxiety, and preserve your mental health. 

Verify Your Travel Itinerary Before You Go

Eat right and get enough exercise. Stick to your routine as much as you can, including mealtimes and bedtimes.  

Avoid Jet Lag or Time Zone Changes, Naturally

This kit should include everything you need to take care of yourself, based on where you're going and how long. 

Bring Your Getaway Essentials With You In A Self-Care Travel Kit