Tips for Saving Money to Fight Inflation

Start investing early.

Investing beats inflation; Start early, save for retirement, and allocate money towards investments for a better lifestyle. 

Make a budget and stick to it.

Budgeting critical during inflation; allocate for investments, fixed costs, and expenses, avoid impulse purchases, and hold accountable. 

Take a look at your grocery bill.

Ways to save money at the grocery store: plan meals, use coupons, buy in bulk, and avoid impulse purchases. 

Cut subscriptions.

Reduce subscriptions to save money; use money-tracking apps to find and cut off unused subscriptions. 

Unsubscribe from Email

Unsubscribe from promotional emails to save money; avoid impulse shopping and subscribing to multiple stores. 

Consider starting a side gig.

Increase income with side gigs like freelancing, meal delivery, Etsy, furniture flipping, cleaning, and TaskRabbit. 


Declutter home, sell unused items on Craigslist or Facebook; save time and effort, reduce waste and spending. 

Reduce your energy bill

Reduce energy bill by turning off lights, limiting AC/heat use, and investing in smart home devices.