Streaming Services are Increasing! What You Should Expect this year in 2023

It’s almost 2023, and streaming services are once again creeping up! This year has been an increase in everything from gas, groceries, rent, and streaming services. Everything keeps increasing in price, and everyone is forced to pay more.

With the continuing reliance on streaming services and the volatile pricing schemes of these companies, consumers must stay informed on the upcoming changes to their favorite streaming platforms to budget for them adequately. Not only are prices increasing, but the amount of media available for paid public consumption continues to increase.   

How to Start Saving on Streaming Services

While some streaming services have teased their plans to increase prices in the upcoming year, many providers randomly announce their price hikes.

Choose a Cheaper Tier

In response to or in anticipation of price increases, families can choose to pick lower tiers which often include ads like you would see commercials on cable television. Many households might not like seeing ads, but choosing a plan with ads can reduce their monthly costs by at least a couple of dollars.

Share Accounts 

Some services, like Hulu, limit account sharing, but others do not yet enable these location-based features. In this case, families can save money by sharing streaming service accounts and cutting their monthly costs.  

Bundle Subscription Packages 

When the race to the top of the streaming industry began, everyone saw nearly each television network create its streaming service. However, as the market demands fewer options, companies have been forced to bundle and merge their networks to stay alive.