Saving for a House: 10 Tips!

Track Your Expense

Track expenses to save for house: online banking helps reveal hidden costs and leftover funds. 

Create a Budget

Create budget: ensures monthly expenses and fun are balanced. 

Automate Saving

Automate savings by setting up automatic transfers with your bank or payroll department to be fiscally responsible. 

Reduce Expense

Reduce expenses by downsizing and eliminating unnecessary costs to save money for a down payment. 

Increase Your Income

Increase income for a house: request a raise, get a side hustle, or house hack. 

Postpone Major Activitie

Postpone events to save money for a house, not cancel. Memories will be displayed in your new home. 

Get Rid of Debt

Paying off debt is key to buying a house by improving credit utilization and debt-to-income ratios. 

Save Your Windfall Income

Save unexpected income in a separate account to reach your house-buying goal faster. 

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