Picnic Food Ideas For Your Next Gathering Adventure

Fruit Smoothie

A fruit smoothie is a great picnic beverage for a healthy boost of nutrition. Blend your chosen ingredients, add some frozen cubes of fruit juice to keep it very cool, and store it in a thermos to keep it fresh.

Ice Tea

Iced tea is perfect for the ultimate thirst-quenching beverage on a hot day. From the traditional lemon or peach iced tea to more unusual combinations like lavender-earl grey or rosemary-lemon, a picnic is a perfect time to experiment with new iced tea combinations.


At its most basic, a kebab is one of the most straightforward summer picnic ideas; marinate some meat, skewer it, and grill it.

Macaroni and Cheese

It might be the ultimate comfort food, but did you know that your favorite mac' n' cheese is also a fantastic picnic food? You can make your macaroni and cheese in individual cupcake cases (silicone ones work best and are reusable). Then, allow them to cool and refrigerate.

Greek Salad

There is a reason why Greek salad is consistently one of the most popular salad options. Veggies, olives, and feta cheese combined with a simple dressing make this a delicious summer classic. Serve with pita bread for the perfect picnic salad meal.

Pita Wrap

Pita wraps spread with hummus and packed with roasted vegetables are one of the best vegetarian picnic foods. Alternatively, fill them with salad, deli meats, or beans.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Whether you bake them or treat yourself to some of your favorite bakery cookies, these are always a hit. Chocolate chip cookies are a classic dessert and ideal for picnics when you want something simple, sweet, and delicious. Of course, you can add nuts and fruits to make your cookies more varied.