Must-Go-To Countries to Celebrate Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year isn't just about partying and getting drunk. It is one of the biggest celebrations in Asia, where family and friends come together for feasting and festivities.

If you plan to travel to Asia during Lunar New Year, you want to save up your money since you will be spending money on many things. Traveling to Asia, you will see how each country is celebrated differently, meaning you can experience different traditions and cultures.

What is Lunar New Year?

Lunar New Year is a special and important celebration in Asian countries – China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.


Within China, there are numerous destinations to choose from: Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Whichever city you go to, the streets will be decorated in red and gold with lanterns, fireworks, and parades to welcome a new year of good luck and prosperity


In Malaysia, Lunar New Year is known as Spring Festival, and it is a time when families come together for an annual reunion. You can eat yee sang (salad dish) and nian gao (Chinese New Year cake) and dress up in traditional outfits called cheongsam


In Vietnam, Lunar New Year is known as Tết and is celebrated with family. You eat traditional food like sticky rice cake, candied fruits, and dried shrimp, and you get lucky money from elders.

South Korea

Seollal, or Korean Lunar New Year, is an important celebration to respect your ancestors and elders. Going to South Korea, you will see many people dressed in traditional clothes called hanbok and eating traditional food like ddeokguk.


In Singapore, the population has a mixture of Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian ethnic groups, so there is a mixture of old and new traditions.

Time to Celebrate!

Whatever countries you visit, you will surely enjoy all the food, festivals, ceremonies, and rituals. With many fun things to do with friends and family, you will never want to return home.