Money Lessons from Squid Game

Did you see the amazing show, Squid Game? You probably learned a lot of lessons from watching it if you did. 

Gambling is NEVER a shortcut

Gambling will only lead to losing more money and cause you to become more obsessed than ever. It is not a way to get rich or becoming financial freedom.

Greed is your worst enemy

It's normal to be greedy because its human nature. However, you must to learn not to be greedy too often. Greedy can destroy you where you'll end up losing yourself

Seek out financial help

If you are having problems with your finances, you should ask for help instead of solving everything yourself. Find someone that will help you take control of your finances.

Spend your money wisely

Money comes and goes, so make sure you know how to spend your money. You don't want to spend money recklessly where you'll go broke, right?