Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Blog

Your blogging journey can take a while. Everyone's timeline is different. You'll make mistakes, learn, and grow when you are starting out as a new blogger. Don't be upset when there is no result. KEEP TRYING AND DON'T GIVE UP!

Web stories have helped me to increase my traffic tremendously. SEO can take a while, and your keywords might not rank yet. A blog can take up to 6 months to a year to monetize. However, if you do web stories, you can quickly gain a lot of traffic compared to SEO. 

Mistake 1: Not Doing Web Stories Sooner 

Joining a community of bloggers can help you to learn and grow faster. You can never do things alone. With a supportive group, you can ask for help like SEO strategies, blog post ideas, social media posts, affiliate marketing, and more.

Mistake 2: Joining a Blogging Group 

If you want to make money on your blog, you have to invest. Whether you invest in resources, courses, blog groups, or social media management, you need to invest your money. If you don’t have money, you have to invest time in working on your blog. 

Mistake 3: Invest in your Blog

Most bloggers start their blog as a hobby before turning it into a business. However, if you treat it like a business in the beginning, your blog can grow fast and start making money in a short amount of time. 

Mistake 4: Treating it like a Business

The hardest part when starting a blog is keeping a consistent schedule every week. If you are a parent or a student, you have a lot of other responsibilities to take care of and it’s hard to get all your tasks done every day. By writing things down, you’ll feel less stressed and know what you have to do for the day.

Mistake 5: Schedule Your Week