Is the Powerball a Waste of Money

Playing the lottery has its good and bad side. A lot of people play it because they want a chance in winning some money.

A New Life:

Winning the lottery can give you a better life since you can do so much with the money.

Maybe Financial Freedom

You are not going to be financially free, but you can have more leisure time than before. You can work part-time where you won't be as tired as a full-time job


Can't escape taxes! If you win, you still have to pay taxes because the IRS knows.

Losing Money

When you keep buying tickets, the money will gradually stack up. You can end up losing more money than making them back.


Play at your own risk! People have addiction problems when it comes to playing the Powerball. Once you play, you can become more engrossed than before.

Do you think it's worth playing the Powerball?

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