If Remote Work Isn’t a Huge Blessing, It’s a New Lifestyle

Remote work has been around before the pandemic, but when the pandemic hit, remote work has become more popular than ever. Employees had to be sent home to avoid the transmission of Covid-19.

A Business Response Survey found that “telework accounted for about 50 percent of paid work hours between April and December 2020, compared with 5 percent before the pandemic.” 

Work-Life Balance

After working from home for months, some people can have a work-life balance due to their flexible schedule. Without the commute to and from work, life did seem easier. People didn’t have to get up early to commute and beat the traffic.

Increased Productivity

For some employees, there were fewer distractions now that staff didn’t have to go to a meeting physically and fewer interruptions from other chatty employees. Lunch and coffee breaks may not have been as long when the kitchen is only a minute away.

Saving Money

With most employees at home, there was no need to rent a big office or waste money on gas since the gas price was always fluctuating. By cutting back on expenses, employees have extra monthly money to pay off their debt, bills, groceries, and other miscellaneous things. 

Happy Employees & Employer

If employees’ work-from-home arrangement has changed their life for the better, those employees are going to remain loyal to their employer. No need to jump ship if there’s smooth sailing in this employer-employee relationship.