How to Lower Your Interest Rates?

Call Your Lender

Yes, it's that simple! You can negotiate a lower rate by calling your credit card company or loan lender. With this method, most people who try are successful. This is the most straightforward option, and it's often overlooked.


The more ammo you have ready before picking up the phone, the better. When it is finally time to call, remember: being polite is key. You're asking your lender for a favor, and no one wants to help someone who is rude or demanding.

Transfer Your Balance

If your lender doesn't budge, there are other options. A balance transfer card lets you consolidate your credit card debt. This is better if you're accruing interest on multiple cards since you can put it all on one account.

A Debt Management plan

By reaching out to a nonprofit credit agency, you can set up a debt management plan (DMP). The nonprofit will help you create a payment schedule and lower your interest without a loan.


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