How to Create the Perfect Morning Routine for You

First thing in the morning, do you reach for the snooze button or a cup of coffee? Do you want to become an early riser who wakes up at dawn feeling refreshed instead of waking up later in the morning feeling groggy?  

Decide What You're Lacking

Why start a morning routine? A morning routine is a chance to prioritize your life before the day's stress piles on top of you. 

Pick Three Things and Put Them in Order

Give them an order, so you know which you'll do first, second and third. Clarity is the key to a good morning routine, you want to make only a few decisions in the morning, or your morning routine habit will fall apart. 

Commit To Doing It

Once you have created your morning routine and put it in order, it's time to commit. It could be for 30 days or six weeks but commit to your new morning routine long enough to see some effect. 

Sleep Well

Your evening routine the night before will dictate how your morning goes. Maintaining a consistent sleep cycle will improve the quality of your sleep and help wake you up on time in the morning.

Plan Your Day

The best self-development tip you can receive is to write things down. Productivity guru and author of Getting Things Done, David Allen, says, “Your mind is for having ideas, not for holding them.” 

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