How To Build Your Best Vacation Packing List in 2022

Finding the best vacation package your money can buy is even more important than ever. Most Americans put in hundreds of work hours during the year to pay for a vacation and accrue enough time off to take a much-needed break from work. Therefore, getting the most out of your hard-earned money is a must.

The Essentials for Your Vacation Packing List

The Essentials for Your Vacation Packing List

Consider packing apparel with multiple uses, for example, pants with zip-off legs that can be turned into shorts when the weather warms up or a wrap that could do double duty as a shawl and beach coverup.

This Includes:

- Clothes - Shoes - Accessories  - Toiletries & Personal Care - Travel Documents - Medications - Electronics

Other Helpful Packing Tip

Pare Down & Pack Light

It is easy to fill up a large suitcase with clothing and shoes when traveling. However, there are ways to pare down your clothing to avoid overpacking. For example, you could opt for a smaller suitcase to help limit the amount of clothing you can take.

Folding vs. Rolling Clothes

Packing your clothing to save space and minimize wrinkling could allow you to leave your travel clothes iron at home. Consider the fabric of the clothing when deciding whether the garment should be rolled or folded.

Utilize Every Square Inch

Using all the nooks and crannies in your suitcase is key to fitting in all of your accessories. Utilize space around rolled and folded clothing, inside shoes, and under hats. Don’t forget to utilize the zippered suitcase pockets.