Decluttering Tips from Experts

Decluttering and organizing an entire home can be an overwhelming task. Clutter can cause anxiety, affect our ability to focus, and generally make us less productive and comfortable in our homes. 

Are storage units or storage bins worth it?

Ea Fuqua and Meg DeLong, the sister team behind The Tidy Home Nashville, started the business in April 2019. The sisters have serviced the greater Nashville area and have also traveled to places such as Brooklyn, New York, and Seattle for their clients.

Create a system that can be maintained

After working in commercial real estate, Ria Safford decided to launch RiOrganize as a solo venture in 2016. By 2018, Safford hired her first team member. RiOrganize has operated out of cities such as Dallas and Austin, Texas, and Safford said it’s all about maintaining certain practices.

Declutter one space at a time

After she had her first child, Everything in Place founder Allison Weigensberg knew she didn’t want to go back to a 9-to-5 medical industry job. Instead, she chose to pursue her passion and has “been helping people reclaim their space and sanity for nine years now as a professional organizer.

Minimize paper clutter

Katie McCann, founder of Haven, realized she had a “knack for organizing spaces and closets,” and it went along the lines of her lifestyle: McCann did not want to sit behind a desk all day. She has an instant system when it comes to minimizing paper clutter.