Behind the Scenes of a Blogger

Have you ever wonder what it's like to be a blogger behind the scenes? Or what they actually do that you don't know?


Obviously, bloggers are  writing and coming up with new ideas for their reader. It can take up a long time to write a post depending on the topic. It can take a couple of hours to a week maybe.

SEO Strategies

When writing, bloggers have to implement SEO strategies so that they can increase their traffic. SEO is a long-term game that cannot happen overnight. It is a lot of work that you think like link building, keyword research, guest posting, and more.


Writing, posting, keyword research, and endless work can lead to burnout. Yes, bloggers do get burnout. There is a lot that can happen. Even worse if you are doing it all by yourself.


You can never know everything at once. You learn every day. here are always new things to learn for bloggers like new strategies or technology.

Getting Traffic

Traffic is always the issues! Many new bloggers always struggle to increase their traffic. You have to implement SEO or social media strategies to increase your traffic.

Updating Old Post

After getting a lot of posts done, you want to revise old post and build internal links. Some information might need to be updated or changed.