Amazon Alternatives to Buy and Sell Items

We all love the convenience of Amazon. If you need something, you can order it in one click and have it delivered to your door as early as the next day. Amazon’s efficiency is second to none, which is why it’s hard for so many of us to ditch the service. However, there are some alternatives to Amazon that you can use.

There are other online shops you can head to for the same great deals on household essentials. These online retailers cover home décor, apparel, household goods, and anything you need for your home. 

Overstock is an online retailer that sells a variety of household items. They offer furniture, home goods, jewelry, and all types of home décor. One limitation of Overstock is that they don’t have a clothing and apparel product category, so if you are shopping online for new clothes, this isn’t the best option.

Better World Book

Better World Books is another option for ethical book consumption. This online book store donates books to people in need and has made it their mission to fight for literacy. They’ve donated over 28 million dollars to literacy non-profits such as libraries across the nation.


Instacart is the best alternative to Amazon for groceries because you can shop at your local grocery stores and pay a local, independent contractor for delivery.

Google Shopping

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