9 Valuable Collectibles You can Invest in 2023

Despite record-level inflation, alternative investing—particularly in high-end art—is on the rise.

There are numerous reasons why people collect things, whether as a favorite pastime or for the challenge of accessing unique objects, in hopes their values will increase over time. 

Fine art

Most art collectors are devoted to having a piece of history and appreciating the beauty of the artistic craft. Often, the story and voice behind an artist's work resonate with collectors, who may be attracted to pieces that inspire an emotional connection.

Sports cards

For many, collecting sports cards grew from a love for a certain game or a favorite sports hero. Many will collect cards based on specific players, teams, rookie cards, or other types of interests.

Antique furniture

The home furnishings market saw a significant boom during the COVID-19 pandemic, growing twice as fast between 2020-2021 as the same period between 2019-2020, according to the Chairish 2022 Home Furnishings Resale Report. 


Coin collecting involves more than just saving up loose change in a purse or wallet. For avid coin collectors or numismatics—people who study and collect currency—it's just as much about the coin's history as its value