9 Beauty Standards That Don't Define Inner Beauty Explore the top 9 beauty standards that fail to capture inner beauty in this web story.

Welcome to "9 Beauty Standards That Fail to Capture Inner Beauty," a web story that explores the beauty trends that don't define true beauty.

We're often pressured into following the latest beauty trends, but it's essential to recognize which standards don't align with your inner beauty.


Unnaturally white veneers may seem appealing, but when they're overly white, they can make your smile look fake and unnatural.



Airbrushed photos may seem perfect, but they often lack texture and character, making you look plastic and unrecognizable.


Overlined lips can create an unnatural shape, drawing attention away from the beauty of your natural lips.

While a defined jawline is attractive, a sharp jawline can make a man look overly aggressive or even cartoonish.


Buccal fat removal (surgery to remove the fat in this area of your face ) can create a hollow-cheeked appearance that looks anything but natural.


Cheek filler can add volume and definition to your face, but when overdone, it can leave you with an unnatural look.


Overdrawn eyebrows may seem trendy, but when they're drawn on with a heavy hand, they can look fake and distracting.


An orange spray tan may seem like a healthy glow, but when it looks like you've been covered in orange paint, it's not a good look.


Thick fake eyelashes may be desirable, but when they're so thick that they look like caterpillars, it's gone too far. Embrace your natural beauty and be confident in your own skin.


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